Friday, 30 September 2011

The A - Z of ME!

This is me.  Elise/Faff.  I'm very mature for my age, as you can tell...

A - Age
...which is 26 btw.  I have the same birthday as Harry Potter, yeah me!

B - Bed Size
Well its meant to be a double - but its an Ikea double, which of course does its own thing and is somehow longer than any other bed.

C - Chore you hate
Cleaning the bathroom!  Ugh.  And washing dishes.  And driving places.

D - Dogs
Aw yes, so cute!  Never actually had the urge to own one but I love walking my friends dogs when she's home, they're total nutty collie dogs.

E - Essential start to your day

A looooong wake up alarm - like snooze every 10 mins for at least an hour.   I like being out of bed early but just dont like the actual becoming vertical part...

F - Favourite colour

Blue for sure, a real sapphire rich blue, so pretty.  Also partial to red and purple though - red sweets are always the best!

G - Gold or silver
Silver every time, or even better, white gold! (ha, I can dream...)  Actually the guy I spoke to in the sorting office earlier had a real chunky gold wedding ring on and all I could think was how ugly it was - esp since he was kinda nice... ;)

H - Height

Fairly sure I've moaned plenty about this on here, I'm a rather tall 5ft 10 with 36in legs - I've learned to live with it though!  I'm just the tall one in any group... although I must point out my pal above is like 5ft6 and I'm wearing giant ass heels ;)

I - Instruments you play

Alas none, although I have a secret longing to be a total guitar hero rock star!

J - Job title

Projectionist/Technician, depending who asks!  I heart my job, even with all the recent changes and digital switchover, its a great, exciting place to be.  Despite yesterdays first job being to watch Whats My Number... (not as bad as Friends with Benefits in fairness!)

K - Kids

Oh no!  If it happens it won't be for a very long time - although I kinda feel like I'd have to be really talked into it, don't see myself as very maternal

L - Live
In a rather old flat at the mo - I seem to have turned into a bit of a nomad in past few years, in the town I currently live in I've had 5 homes in the past 3 years!  This one is ideal for gym, work, library, having time out on my own - but ridiculously overpriced so shall be moving again by the new year, sigh...

M - Mother's name

Elizabeth/Liz.  She's totally awesome, my fave person in the world.  My gran was also Elizabeth/Betty and my name is a form of Elizabeth - so I maybe better have a kid now to continue the naming tradition!

N - Nickname
My best friend calls me Faff, at school I was Elvis (still not sure why actually!), but most people just call me plain old Elise - except all the people who somehow cant pronounce my name from looking at it, so my whole life I've had a lot of Ellis, Elsie, Lisa, Alice, Alyssia (seriously...).  To think my mum nearly called me Alicia, would have saved a lot of hassle!

O - Overnight hospital stays
None that I'm aware of, but I have been to A&E plenty times (total clumsy idiot, although I'm getting less prone to the serious stuff now!)

P - Pet peeves
THOSE Ugg boots, seems every second person in Scotland is walking about with these overgrown socks on their feet, ugh.  Driving, nothing winds me up more than other drivers, seriously I'm always the best driver on the road ;)  Old people who drive at 40mph on a 60 road, people who don't indicate, the ones who speed up when you're overtaking them... (sense a theme here?)

Q - Quote from a film
'Dont lets ask for the moon, we have the stars' (I actually read this somewhere then said it to Sean and he laughed his ass off for like 5 mins.  Hmph)
'Brick, where'd you get a grenade?' 'I dont know.' (LOVE Anchorman!)
'There's no I in Team America.' 'Yes there is...' (AND Team America!  These are much funnier in context I swear)

R - Right or left handed?

Rightie.  Although I do find myself randomly using my left sometimes.

S - Siblings
Michael/Mikey (above) He's insane but rather fabby and usually has beer.

                                                 T - Time you wake up
As early as I can handle, but if its a good dream the snooze gets hit even more!  Generally about 8am.
U - Underwear
I actually adore underwear, I'm obsessed with it!  It has to match, and most of mine is from M&S, just cause they stock my cup size, have great sports bras and the above range especially is a fantastic fit on me.

V - Vegetable you hate
Well I LIKE carrots, cucumber and brocolli...  Thats about it...  Seriously I'm pretty sure a nutritionist would question why I'm still alive, 80% of my diet is junk...

W - What makes you run late
I get distracted very easily.  Hence Faff!  I'll start doing one thing like getting dressed or having a wash, then suddenly find myself staring out the window or folding washing.  In actual fact I'm one of those people who's usually right on time for everything, very rarely am I late or early!

X - X-Rays you've had
I actually couldnt count this...  More serious ones in recent years were when I broke my toe and was plastered to the knee for weeks (tripped over a crack on the pavement and doctors said because of my height my weight fell funny on it...) and had arm in a sling for a while after falling down stairs and bashing my elbow (totally my own fault - I may have been walking down stairs wearing slippers, carrying a hoover and talking on the phone... My ex came back from the shop to find an Elise heap on the floor, faff)

Y - Yummy food that you make
Pasta!  I totally adore the stuff so I have about 3 different ways of making meals from it.  And I know how to cook it to perfection, not an easy thing to do!  (humour me, its the only thing I can make!)

Z - Zoo animal

Not sure how to interpret this one - I dont much like zoo's so only been once in recent years...  I do love penguins and flamingoes, they live in zoos right...?

I love reading all these on other people's blogs, keep it going!



  1. I am so jealous of your height!
    I love reading these posts and finding out more about bloggers x

  2. We have a bit too much in common. Except... cucumber?! Blech! You can keep it.

  3. These posts are so much fun.

    I was *this* close to listing a whole load of Anchorman quotes when I did it. I said the yogging one in work the other and everyone just looked at me as if I was a moron who couldn't pronounce jogging. Tut tut, they clearly need better taste in films!

    ps - hurrah for M&S scanties!

  4. Oh, how fun.

    And I love the picture of you towering over your friend. Trust me, at 6 feet tall, I know the feeling!

  5. I love this A to Z post and the photos, especially the one of you in the heels, a classic shot!

    These A to Zs are so fun to read.

  6. Yay for Anchorman - it is my fave film, i was serious tempting to put in a few of the "erection" quotes but didnt want anyone who hadnt seen the film to be offended ;o)

    Loved your A-Z :o) Scarlett x

  7. I love that picture of you towering over your friend. I really must watch Anchorman, I must be the only person on the planet not to have seen it. x

  8. HAHA I love your peeves especially the driving ones! Oddly enough I print checked What's Your Number this week too!

  9. Ha that's so true about people speeding up when you overtake - I was cinvinced it ws because I'm in a little Micra and they feel they can't be overtaken by a Micra!!! I'm having underwear envy now too!! I never match :S


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