Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Being productive...

Yesterday was about getting things done!  And it went rather well, if I do say so myself!  Of course in the middle of being productive, I had to pop into my fave charity shop - when you're walking by it's rude not to go in and say hi!
Got a couple of recent magazines for 2p each and a book for my boss - I'm working at our big sister site this week so thought I'd play the suck up, hehe.

Jumper - charity shop
Vintage skirt - charity shop
Shoes - M&S Outlet

When I got up it was pouring down and generally looked miserable, so I dressed accordingly.  An hour or so later I went out to visit my boss and get some shopping, it was gloriously sunny, d'oh...  The wind made up for  it though so didn't feel too daft walking around town!

In case anyone's wondered what to do with growing out hair, here's what - stick some kirby grips in each side and call it planned...  Sometimes my hair 'works', sometimes it doesn't, yesterday was pretty good ;P

Picked up this lambswool jumper new with tags for £2 last week, bargain!

The afternoon was spent in the library, reading and picking up random books for hours, then the night was spent reading the random books!  Felt very peaceful going to bed... ;)

In case anyone's interested, I did manage to do the race in Sunday!  Completed it in 55mins 50secs - I was aiming for under 50mins but the hill start combined with just feeling 'off' that day did not work in my favour, was puffing on my inhaler way more than usual.  So glad I completed it though, and by the time I got back to the start to see my friend run the half marathon I was feeling rather better!  He also did awesome, completing the course in around 2hrs 25mins I think - rather him than me, I spent the night mostly unable to move at work.  Until our fire alarm went off, then I sprinted down 3 sets of stairs only to find it was a false alarm (one of the floor staff sprayed air freshener too close to the sensor, daftie!) and had to haul myself back up!  The things we put ourselves thru...

I'm now thinking of doing a 6K 'Fun Run' (ha!) in a few weeks, anyone fancy joining me?



  1. WOW well done on the run - i really need to up my game!
    I love the polka dots, and the deer jumper, great finds!

  2. Ooh I love that jumper lady.

    Congratulations on your run, that's an insanely good time. Coming from someone who could barely do a 5km in 35 mins at the peak of their fitness, you're on fire!!

  3. That's excellent, many congrats on completing the run, but I think I'll have to decline joining in with the 'Fun Run'!! :-O

    P.S. Those shoes are amazing.

  4. Well done on that run, you did a great job.
    Loving those M&S shoes! x

  5. Well done on the run!

    Argh, false fire alarms! Are you all digital now or do you still have to wind platters of film back up off the floor afterwards?!

  6. Yay, massive well done on your run, that's a brilliant time! By comparison I did my first 10k run on Sunday and my time was 1:24 - I was just pleased to run the whole way without stopping :) And I don't even have asthma or anything :S xx

  7. well done on your race time! imo the words fun and run do not belong together!!! great find, that jumper x

  8. wow, congrats on completing the run girl - hats off to you! I don't think i'd ever be able to do it... how much did you raise? You're outfit looks wonderful as always btw - just reminds me though how close we are to winter now :( xx

  9. Lovely outfit- though I keep having the same problem with the weather!

  10. Well done on the race hun! And oh my that outfit is so cute! Love it Scarlett x


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