Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day off and leg hurt...

It's finally happened - I ran myself to the point of limping yesterday, and with the 10K now only 3 days away I'm freaking out a bit!  Took a wee walk down town earlier and found a summer suit on the £1 charity shop rail though, so today was looking up!  
Vintage M&S dress - charity shop
F&F shoes - eBay

I may never take this cardigan off - and it's only September!  (Dis)advantage of living in a Scottish climate means I may never have to...

If a dress is too big for you, just tie the belt!  Totally makes that 10p it cost even more worth it ;)

Think this will have to be saved for next year - may get round to ironing it by then....

If anyone's interested in donating some money to 2 good causes, here's your chance!  I, Faff, am running the Great Scottish Run 10k in aid of Bowel Cancer in memory of my Granny, and the awesome Foof is running the half marathon (nutter) in aid of Thyroid UK for his dad - please support us if you can, and if not just cross your fingers our legs hold out!

Thanks in advance!



  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about your leg. I hope it gets better in time for the 10K.

    And I love both these dresses, but especially the top one. I thrifted a similar one and am very fond of it.

  2. Love your dress! That sweater looks so cozy, I'm not sure I'd want to ever take it off:)

    Good luck with the run!! Hope your legs will be okay:)

  3. Two very lovely dresses there!
    Well done on the running, I wish I was motivated enough to do something big! :)

  4. High five fellow tall lady!

    Really hope you get injury free before the big race, I can definitely sympathise given the state of my stupid leg just practicing for a 5k! Having said that I can also tell you that you'll find yourself running through any pain you might have on the day which is a bonus (although you might have to pay for it later!)

    Good luck!!

  5. Just wanted to say I LOVE the bottom outfit - i have always run away from high waisted skirts - you make it look so elegant though! all the very best wishes with the run...hope your legs hold out! x

  6. Wow,,what adorable dresses! I have to say this outfit perfectly suites your character.You look so adorable, and your bright smiles,so cute!

  7. I actually gasped when I saw that cardie, I love it so much! And that dress is the same as my blue and white one which I altered recently I'm sure of it - even has the same buttons :)

    Hope the 10k went well! xxx


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