Thursday, 8 September 2011

Movie time!

I thought I'd do a wee round up of some of the movies I watched this week - got a free trial started with Love Film so there's some rentals and some cinema visits in the mix...
 First up, The Hours.  Most famous for being the film where Nicole Kidman sports a prosthetic nose - which is pretty effective actually, makes her almost unrecognisable!  The plot follows 3 women in different decades all suffering from depression - warning, this is a clue to how much of a downer the movie is, but in actual fact I really enjoyed it.  It travels through a day in each of their lives, one in which they may or may not survive...  Besides starring Nicole Kidman as writer Virginia Wolfe, it also features Julianne Moore playing a typical (and suicidal) 50s housewife and Meryl Streep as a present day publisher, with a ton of big names in the supporting cast - worth it for the talent alone in my opinion!    

The second rental was Oranges and Sunshine, a recent release that I missed at the cinema, so was looking forward to getting this.  It was also totally worth it - based on a true story, the plot centres around a social worker in the 1980s who uncovers a scandal hidden by the governement. From the 50s right up to 1970, British children in care homes were shipped to Australia, having been told their parents were dead and promised a better life, only to find they were being forced into almost slavery.  This one woman helped fight for them and reunited some of them with their families, and in fact only very recently got an apology (and acknowledgement ) from the British Goverment.  Really interesting and shocking viewing.

 Saw this last night.  Don't see it.  Very boring and had a ridiculous 'non-ending', which I hate.  In fact spent the whole (mercifully short) running time trying to figure out who this guy was.  Convinced myself he was in Home & Away, turns out he was from Monarch of the Glen... And now he's in Hollywood doing American accents in bad movies apparently.

Now, The Guard on the other hand, it was goooood.  An Irish comedy about a crooked cop living in a rural village, this is definitely one of the years better movies.  Brendan Gleeson plays the cop, Don Cheadle a CIA agent investigating local drug smugglers.  They get teamed up together to solve the case and hilarity ensues, for want of a better phrase!  Awesome, go see it, as long as you're not easily offended!  Also Brendan Gleeson is like a more sweary version of Sean's dad, so that amused me too ;)

This morning I'm watching Jane Eyre, my least fave of the classics, but when given a choice between that and a woman assassin wielding a machine gun (Columbiana) I think I chose wisely!  

Who's seen what?  Anyone agree with my reviews?  Anyone seen anything better lately that I cant miss?



  1. I haven't seen any of those, but I am going to try and watch out for the Hours.

  2. I haven't seen any of those - not often I say that! I read The Hours, though, and I remember really liking it (though I can't remember why).

  3. wow, i haven't seen any of those... definitely going to be watching The Hours soon, I love Kidman and Streep. Thanks for the pointers :)

  4. I meant to watch The Hours when t was on the other day but it passed me by. Dying to see The Guard though, looks brill! xx


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