Monday, 31 October 2011

This is not a Halloween post...

I don't do dressing up in costumes, just isn't gonna happen people.  But some of my friends do, so Saturday night was a bit more colourful than usual...  Admittedly my brothers new girlfriend was looking fab as a geek, and I did pinch Jamie's bow tie when I realised he'd taken it off - that was the extent of my festiveness!  I reckon I was rocking the LBD with matching tights and shoes though, much more my style!


Saturday, 29 October 2011

A polo shirt and some glitter...

...not together thankfully!

I took a notion for a polo shirt a few weeks ago - I used to own a ton of tshirts but my collection has somewhat dwindled in the past year.  Not sure where the polo shirt idea stepped in cause I wore them to school for years and hated them so much I point blank refused to put one on when I made the move into projection!  Anyway Mother and I were meandering M&S and I found this one on the sale rail for £3 - another example of the universe giving me what I was searching for, loving it!
Tshirt - M&S
Vintage skirt - charity shop
Belt - Target
Shoes - Minnetonka

 I found this excellent faux fur coat at a car boot sale for £5 in the summer and have just been waiting for an excuse to wear it!  Damned if I could get a decent pic of it tho...  The scarf is also vintage and my bag is Topshop.
And here's my new nail polish!  Never heard of the brand but they were cheap enough (£3 for set) to take a gamble on - now trying to pick which one I'll be wearing out tonight.  Leaning towards the red but my tights and shoes are kinda wine coloured.... it is Halloween weekend tho, reckon I could make it work! (before anyone asks, I'm NOT dressing up again, last year was the one and only time!)

Anyone else dressing up?  I just gotta finish fixing this black dress and then I'll be wearing that hopefully - I know, nearly 5 months on the sewing pile!


Friday, 28 October 2011

Polka dots and posing...

Ah, I had a grand old time taking these pics the other day - it's somehow much easier to faff about looking pretty in a skirt than old jeans I find...  I found this M&S top in a charity shop a few months ago and snapped it up because of the abnormally long sleeves, too long even for my freaky arms!  Think it only cost around £2.50, what a bargain!  Only found it cause it was on the dress rail - its also marvellously long, yay ;)
M&S Top - charity shop
Skirt - charity shop
Belt - Target childrens dept (found near the hair bows!)
Mocassins - Minnetonka

Couldn't crop out Mothers sweet stash ;)

Mother and I dyed my hair last night so its now a dark reddish brown colour, I'm in love!  We only used one box tho despite my hairdresser always telling me to buy two (yeah I'm a bit stingy about beauty products...) so I reckon its not quite as RED as it could have been - may give it another go in a few weeks.

Anybody know of a 'cheap' place for hair dye?


Thursday, 27 October 2011

A little obsessed...

You know that way when something sits quietly in your wardrobe for ages, never really getting worn but still not something you're ready to get rid of, then one day you rediscover their greatness and wear them/it constantly?  This has happened to me recently, my Most Perfect Jeans are making a reappearance in my life.  They came from Topshop Tall range maybe 2 years ago, bought by Mother on sale for £15, but because they are wear-with-heels jeans they didn't make a huge impact to my 'walking everywhere' lifestyle.  But now boot season is upon us and they have been brought back to life - they're the perfect tightness, perfect waist height and most importantly, perfect length for me.  So yes, I have a new obsession involving planning as many outfits as I can around them.  Bliss.
Blouse - eBay
Vest - H&M sale
Jeans - Topshop Tall
Boots - New Look

 This blouse was a fun looking aBay find a few weeks ago - I kinda love that it came with a matching tie/scarf, Mother does not.
Bracelets - from a v old H&M set of 10
Hair bow - Target childrens section
Today I went a wee jaunt down to the factory shop in search of make up - they have some excellent heavily discounted branded goodies.  Instead I left with a delish set of 4 glitter nail polishes for £3 - pics tomorrow!  I'm now finally working my way towards the pile of sewing that has been stacked up for months, all in good time...


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Adventures in Yorkshire...

Ugh, what a month!  Think I'll be glad to see the back of October, there's something about this month that doesn't work for me, starting to think the world is trying to send me a message...  I'll do a wee update post later this week, at the mo here's some pictures of my recent trip to visit my best friend Mhairi.  She moved to East Yorkshire last year and is not enjoying the English hospitality so far - we may have had a slightly mad time and she changed her mind slightly though, so looks like I have another fun place to park myself on holidays!

I actually had a relatively easy drive down, considering the thing I hate most in life is being behind the wheel.  However the mostly motorway road suited me just fine (I like to toddle along at 60mph the entire way to anywhere) and I made it in a respectable 5 hours.  On Saturday we went into York, which I totally fell in love with, such history and prettiness!

 Here we are attempting an awkward self portrait, none of them really worked cause we were too busy yapping, so ended up just taking pics of each other - in pjs...
 This was right before we discovered that Mhairi's fancy effect lenses fit on my camera, I turned into a bit of a kid in a sweetshop ;)
 As well as introducing Mhairi to the joys of charity shopping, we also found a bookshop selling everything off for £2 a book - the bottom two were on my Amazon wishlist and the top one just looked fun, the October curse was briefly lifted!

Saturday night we went out with in a nearby town and ended up in a bar that was half old man pub and half club - a lot of dancing and avoiding creepy short guys was done, and also a lot of giggling by me, gotta learn not to mix drinks...  Thankfully there are no pictures of this, just take my word for it we looked hot ;)
 Sunday we headed to Scarborough after the rugby (I woke up 78.5 minutes in, could not have timed it better!).  Here's a random Faff Fact - I love tacky seaside towns.  Could be down to visiting Blackpool at various intervals in my life, who knows, but yeah I was in my element and had the camera out before we even parked!  It was actually a pretty nice (cold) day, my pictures just turned out a bit dull...

 I also insisted on a traditional seaside lunch - a bag of chips followed by a 99, yummy!

 All layered up and trying not to freeze...
Mhairi told me about this place and of course I had to give it a visit, and despite causing her great embarrassment, she agreed to take a picture - cause that's what best friends do when one is slightly unhinged, humour them....

Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend!


Friday, 14 October 2011

Autumn florals...

Cardi - Handmade by Mother
Dress - Handmade by me
Shoes - Minnetonka

As you can see I'm firmly into my comfort clothes!  This dress is one of those things that I just love - until I put it on, then it feels a bit wrong on me, therefore its perfect for layering with my chunky cardi's.  

It's all been a bit quiet round this way, I'm going through a period of finding it hard to move anywhere other than bed and work, I'm rather enjoying sleeping and reading books these days!  I have still been blog reading though so I'll get caught up soon - my headaches are getting bad again so trying to keep away from Lappy as much as I can, it's driving me a bit crazy sometimes!

Hope everyone has a fabby weekend!


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Back in boots...

 ...well I was last week, until someone decided to send a ridiculous heatwave our way.  Its time for me to stop sweating and start wearing proper footwear now, ok?  These pics were taken last week when it was actually cold, at the mo we're having a kind of warmish rainy weekend, perfect for me cycling everywhere thanks to the car failing its MOT...  Collecting it tomorrow so hoping I don't faint when the mechanic tells me the price ;)
Cardi - Matalan
Vest - H&M
Skirt - Principles at Debenhams
Boots - M&S
 I like those outfits where you don't really have to think about it, I just felt like black was the way to go with this skirt so it all came together rather easily for a change...

 Totally thought I'd somehow got dressed in all new clothing, rather unlike me, but I did have a charity shop necklace on, yeah!
 Yet another tip for growing out hair, stick a bow in.  Bonus points if it came from the kiddie department of your fave store.

Since I've been skiving off blogging lately I thought I'd show you what I've actually been doing...  But taking pics of intensive digital installation and training at work was not really that fun, so instead I captured the better moments - rewatching Baz Luhrmann's Red Carpet Trilogy for the millionth time, and working out in my new, specially fitted running shoes!  The latter would probably have went better if I wasn't trying to power thru a damaged left leg that now shoots pain every time I bend down...faff...

The story of my shoes is fun though - I got a money off voucher for a Glasgow sports store for doing the 10K a few weeks ago, so I decided to it was time to get proper running shoes.  I've been plagued with injuries right from when I started running years ago, and its getting a little old - surely I should be good at this by now right?!  Anyway off I went to the shop first thing on Sunday when the town was nice and deserted, my fave time to shop.  In order to gauge my running style, the guy in store had me run on a treadmill with bare feet first, then they play it back to you to show where you're putting your weight and such - turns out I run slightly on the inside of my feet and am heavy on my heels, so I got shoes with built up inners and a cushioned heel.  Then you run in a couple of different styles and pick the best ones.  Mine feel like slippers, all soft inside, I love them!  Plus they have lime green laces, totally stylish ;)

Now I just have to shake the leg hurt and we'll see how well they really work.  Test No2 is coming tomorrow, provided I haven't had a rage and decided to sell my car... 

Anyone else had the trainer fitting done successfully?

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