Sunday, 2 October 2011

Back in boots...

 ...well I was last week, until someone decided to send a ridiculous heatwave our way.  Its time for me to stop sweating and start wearing proper footwear now, ok?  These pics were taken last week when it was actually cold, at the mo we're having a kind of warmish rainy weekend, perfect for me cycling everywhere thanks to the car failing its MOT...  Collecting it tomorrow so hoping I don't faint when the mechanic tells me the price ;)
Cardi - Matalan
Vest - H&M
Skirt - Principles at Debenhams
Boots - M&S
 I like those outfits where you don't really have to think about it, I just felt like black was the way to go with this skirt so it all came together rather easily for a change...

 Totally thought I'd somehow got dressed in all new clothing, rather unlike me, but I did have a charity shop necklace on, yeah!
 Yet another tip for growing out hair, stick a bow in.  Bonus points if it came from the kiddie department of your fave store.

Since I've been skiving off blogging lately I thought I'd show you what I've actually been doing...  But taking pics of intensive digital installation and training at work was not really that fun, so instead I captured the better moments - rewatching Baz Luhrmann's Red Carpet Trilogy for the millionth time, and working out in my new, specially fitted running shoes!  The latter would probably have went better if I wasn't trying to power thru a damaged left leg that now shoots pain every time I bend down...faff...

The story of my shoes is fun though - I got a money off voucher for a Glasgow sports store for doing the 10K a few weeks ago, so I decided to it was time to get proper running shoes.  I've been plagued with injuries right from when I started running years ago, and its getting a little old - surely I should be good at this by now right?!  Anyway off I went to the shop first thing on Sunday when the town was nice and deserted, my fave time to shop.  In order to gauge my running style, the guy in store had me run on a treadmill with bare feet first, then they play it back to you to show where you're putting your weight and such - turns out I run slightly on the inside of my feet and am heavy on my heels, so I got shoes with built up inners and a cushioned heel.  Then you run in a couple of different styles and pick the best ones.  Mine feel like slippers, all soft inside, I love them!  Plus they have lime green laces, totally stylish ;)

Now I just have to shake the leg hurt and we'll see how well they really work.  Test No2 is coming tomorrow, provided I haven't had a rage and decided to sell my car... 

Anyone else had the trainer fitting done successfully?



  1. Strictly Ballroom is one of my favourite films EVER!!!! The part near the end when they've been told to leave the floor and there's no music, Scott puts his arms up like horns and starts clicking his heels in flamenco stylee....I just wanna clap and cheer!!!!!

  2. Oh I love, love, love Strictly Ballroom!

  3. I love Strictly Ballroom! I remember seeing it at a tatty little cinema which used to be a bingo hall (so none of the seats faced the screen), and my best friend and me dancing the whole way home.

    I've never had trainers fitted (er, what? intense exercise?! pass) but I kind of wish I could get my normal day-to-day shoes properly fitted like that! Instead I'm supposed to remember to do physio all the time to stop me getting sore ankles... :(

  4. wow that sounds like a much better way to get running shoes than what i did - i.e go to the sport shop, and pick the most exciting looking ones..

  5. Baz Luhrmann is a genuis, I love all three of those films. x

  6. Ah you run the same way I do - it's scary to see your ankles collapsing inover on the little video isn't it? I was pffered any shoes with green laces though!!

    You look lovely and ladylike in those pics :)

  7. I have that Baz Luhrmann set! I'm sure I got it for some awesome low price like 5 quid.
    Hope your car isn't too expensive. I hate M.O.T. time

  8. Your skirt does look perfect with black, but I love the bow and necklace too xxx

  9. Love your purple skirt and those gorgeous boots x

  10. Love your boots! Trainer fitting sounds like too much effort for me ;o) Scarlett x

  11. I love your skirt, it's such a gorgeous shade of purple!

  12. I love your necklace! Looks brilliant against a plain top.

    Strictly Ballroom has got to be one of the best films ever. I've lost count how many times I've watched it.


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