Thursday, 27 October 2011

A little obsessed...

You know that way when something sits quietly in your wardrobe for ages, never really getting worn but still not something you're ready to get rid of, then one day you rediscover their greatness and wear them/it constantly?  This has happened to me recently, my Most Perfect Jeans are making a reappearance in my life.  They came from Topshop Tall range maybe 2 years ago, bought by Mother on sale for £15, but because they are wear-with-heels jeans they didn't make a huge impact to my 'walking everywhere' lifestyle.  But now boot season is upon us and they have been brought back to life - they're the perfect tightness, perfect waist height and most importantly, perfect length for me.  So yes, I have a new obsession involving planning as many outfits as I can around them.  Bliss.
Blouse - eBay
Vest - H&M sale
Jeans - Topshop Tall
Boots - New Look

 This blouse was a fun looking aBay find a few weeks ago - I kinda love that it came with a matching tie/scarf, Mother does not.
Bracelets - from a v old H&M set of 10
Hair bow - Target childrens section
Today I went a wee jaunt down to the factory shop in search of make up - they have some excellent heavily discounted branded goodies.  Instead I left with a delish set of 4 glitter nail polishes for £3 - pics tomorrow!  I'm now finally working my way towards the pile of sewing that has been stacked up for months, all in good time...



  1. You look so good in jeans, your legs go on for miles. What a discovery. x

  2. I love the shirt and tie too...but I have a feeling ym mum wouldn't either, mums eh? xxx

  3. Those jeans looks made for you! Fabulous wardrobe find. Im always coming across stuff in my cupboards and wardrobes that i had forgotten about and then have the fun of wearing it again. Scarlett x

  4. I love the shirt/tie combo and I def see how fab these jeans are on you. I love rediscovering forgotten items in my wardrobe!

  5. Those are certainly flattering jeans - I wish I had long legs like yours!

  6. You look lovely in this 'masculine' styling - makes me want a tanktop! x


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