Friday, 28 October 2011

Polka dots and posing...

Ah, I had a grand old time taking these pics the other day - it's somehow much easier to faff about looking pretty in a skirt than old jeans I find...  I found this M&S top in a charity shop a few months ago and snapped it up because of the abnormally long sleeves, too long even for my freaky arms!  Think it only cost around £2.50, what a bargain!  Only found it cause it was on the dress rail - its also marvellously long, yay ;)
M&S Top - charity shop
Skirt - charity shop
Belt - Target childrens dept (found near the hair bows!)
Mocassins - Minnetonka

Couldn't crop out Mothers sweet stash ;)

Mother and I dyed my hair last night so its now a dark reddish brown colour, I'm in love!  We only used one box tho despite my hairdresser always telling me to buy two (yeah I'm a bit stingy about beauty products...) so I reckon its not quite as RED as it could have been - may give it another go in a few weeks.

Anybody know of a 'cheap' place for hair dye?



  1. You look lovely - I love this color combination and, of course, the polka dots.

  2. I know this sounds a bit lame & gushy, but that outfit is actually perfect, in every way :) I LOVE polka dots - & am definitely a big fan of long sleeves. I love pulling my sleeves right over my hands (even if it makes me look like a 4yr old!)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog - much appreciated :)

  3. You can get some brands cheap on Amazon! I made the mistake of buying dye in one of those Savers-style chemists once, though, because it was cheaper than Boots - but didn't realise until too late that somebody had swopped the contents of the box so I ended up with black hair instead of ginger. It still hasn't gone back to normal :(

  4. Can I just say that I LOVE this outfit? I too love extra long sleeves (they seem more cozy somehow), and the color of this top is perfect. Paired with a polka-dot skirt and what more could you want?

  5. Ahh love the colour and polka-dots combo :) Can't advise on the hair dye I'm afraid, I get mine done in the hairdressers :o xxx

  6. Great outfit! I'm loving mustard at the minute, I need more in my wardrobe, and what a cute skirt too.

  7. Cute skirt. I love that color combination.

  8. Love this outfit - polka dots are amazing! V cute! x


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