Saturday, 29 October 2011

A polo shirt and some glitter...

...not together thankfully!

I took a notion for a polo shirt a few weeks ago - I used to own a ton of tshirts but my collection has somewhat dwindled in the past year.  Not sure where the polo shirt idea stepped in cause I wore them to school for years and hated them so much I point blank refused to put one on when I made the move into projection!  Anyway Mother and I were meandering M&S and I found this one on the sale rail for £3 - another example of the universe giving me what I was searching for, loving it!
Tshirt - M&S
Vintage skirt - charity shop
Belt - Target
Shoes - Minnetonka

 I found this excellent faux fur coat at a car boot sale for £5 in the summer and have just been waiting for an excuse to wear it!  Damned if I could get a decent pic of it tho...  The scarf is also vintage and my bag is Topshop.
And here's my new nail polish!  Never heard of the brand but they were cheap enough (£3 for set) to take a gamble on - now trying to pick which one I'll be wearing out tonight.  Leaning towards the red but my tights and shoes are kinda wine coloured.... it is Halloween weekend tho, reckon I could make it work! (before anyone asks, I'm NOT dressing up again, last year was the one and only time!)

Anyone else dressing up?  I just gotta finish fixing this black dress and then I'll be wearing that hopefully - I know, nearly 5 months on the sewing pile!



  1. Im going out for a meal, very un-halloween. I dont really do dressing up as you have to go and buy a load of stuff you will never use again. Love your outfit it's very ww2 esque!

  2. I love how you can make that outfit look great, I would look like a right pleb if I tried it! Adore your faux fur coat x

  3. That coat looks sensational on you!I bet you're happy it's cold enough to wear it. x

  4. That outfit is absolutely ah-maze-ing. I would never have put those clothes together but they work so well :-)

  5. Hou, let us know how that nail polish is girl! Looks fab (and at a great price!!).

    I love the mocassins, just got a slipper pair and I wish I could wear them outside!

    Virginie ♥

  6. You look lovely in your polo shirt - I'd look like a bloke! Amazing coat! It's so worth keeping an eye out for out-of-season items xx

  7. I haven't worn a polo for years either! I had a maroon Fred Perry one I was obsessed with, wonder what happend to it??


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