Wednesday, 16 November 2011

50s plaid and cashmere...

I was in a bit of a 1950s mindset the other day when I got dressed - plus it hadn't reached the ridiculously cold stage up here either so I had fun dressing up without a cardigan for a change!  I found this skirt in a charity shop in the summer - it started off being a size gigantic but a quick collision with my sewing machine and it fits perfectly, I can't wait to wear it with a petticoat and twirl properly!
Vintage coat - charity shop
Scarf - charity shop
Sweater - charity shop
Skirt - charity shop
Boots - M&S

My coat is a gorgeous cashmere one from my fave charity shop last year, and at a mere £8 it's been one of my best bargains.  And my fab boots from my beloved M&S, with socks and tights and slips... ah I heart Winter!  Although today did take a turn for the cold, my hands were not loving the walk to the shops earlier, and my feet are still a bit numb.

Is everyone watching Pan Am?  Mother and I are sitting in front of it as I type and she knits (my Christmas pressie!), I'm loving watching it again!  Someone asked in the last post where I get my tv shows - my friend downloads just about every US tv show going, so I just watch what I want from her hard drive, it's rather handy but I have no idea how she does it, I'm a bit computer illiterate about these things, sigh...



  1. Darling skirt! =)

  2. Gorgeous skirt and I love those socks with your booties.

  3. I watched it and it was fabulous!
    Lovely layered look, the skirt really suits you.. x

  4. Lovely luck especially the skirt x

  5. Lovely skirt! It's still pretty mild up here but the wind's up tonight and there are big brown clouds in the sky...

  6. That was me thanks for answering. Just gagging to watch Once Upon A Time - just hope somewhere in the UK picks it up .x

  7. Athyn I'm sure you could watch it online somewhere, just google the name with 'watch online' or something. My lappy is just so old its pointless for me to fight with it! :)

  8. Catching up! Love that coat, so elegant! xx


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