Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lets all thank the God of footwear....

...or Converse, more accurately, for making these awesome boots that I've barely taken off my feet since finding them in an outlet store in America last year.  They work great for our horrid rainy Scottish winters - I've only fallen once while wearing them! (but I also fell while wearing my snow boots, so don't think this really counts...)  Since the weather only took a turn for the worse yesterday, this outfit from last week was a bit less covered up than I've been lately.  It did give me an excuse to wear my new Topshop polka dot tights - found on sale for £1, more importantly in MY SIZE, this never happens!
Shirt - Topman
H&M dress - charity shop
Tights - Topshop
Socks - Target
Boots - Converse

Blue scarf - charity shop
Cashmere scarf - M&S
Cardigan - Handmade by Mother
I did have to layer things up a bit when getting the bus to Mothers, so my fave scarves of the moment plus my fave cardigan went on over the top!

Anyone fighting the horrible weather this weekend or just letting it happen and staying indoors?  I'm working and on the verge of getting a cold, so definitely the latter for me!



  1. Those boots are fabulous! x

  2. Love the boots, and all those layers looks so snuggly! It's definetly got alot colder this last week xxx

  3. Super boots; funnily enough I brought a pair of shoes with red and black plaid on them this week. Great minds. eh?

  4. Ooh I like those boots a lot! The weather hasn't been too bad here yet - bit blustery but nothing like as bad as you seem to be getting.

  5. Love the boots! LOVE them what a wonderful find.

  6. Oooo those are funky Converse! I love them too - mine are a really shabby and muddy pair. Love how they seem to be so easy to buy in the states too - use to be hard tracking them down in the shops in the UK

  7. Great boots!

    It's actually lovely in Aberdeen this weekend - we were at an outdoor event last night and didn't even need to wear gloves. The forecast doesn't bode well, though...

  8. I echo everyone else's comment! I love the boots too!

    It's not to cold in my part of the world, but then I am speaking from my sofa where I'm all cosied up in a wooly cardigan and slippers :-) It's supposed to get really cold later this week...

  9. Fab colours and textures in the last pic :)


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