Saturday, 19 November 2011

My dirty little secret...

I was having a bit of a wardrobe flashback moment the other day and opted for a bit of a layered tshirt look with my traditional jeans and Converse.  A few years ago I basically spent my life in a white long sleeve top with a fun tshirt over it.  I had a whole pile of fun tshirts.  It was a simpler time... But gradually my style evolved yet again and I now spend most of my life in skirts and dresses - I do find it fun to revisit the tried and tested looks sometimes tho ;)
White tshirt - Target
Doodgie Howser tshirt - NBC Store
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Tall
Converse - gift

 I have a secret to share which I'm sure some of you will appreciate.  Sometimes when I wear boots or trainers...
... I like to wear bright fun novelty socks underneath!
 This pair (and indeed all my others) came to me courtesy of Mother, who thinks it's fun to present me with ridiculous footwear.  Which it totally is.
This picture really has no relevance to anything other than the fact I got very excited when I found these in Asda the other day.  Beans with VEGETARIAN sausages?!  My diet is expanding every day, can't wait to try them, just gotta buy some bread...



  1. This is so funny - I used to dress similarly a few years ago, moved away from it, but just the other day I had a craving to go back to the tee-over-a-tee look.

  2. I still do long sleeves and a T-shirts when it's chilly; they totally work with skirts. :)

  3. I revert to my former self's jeans and a jumper so often, I just can't help myself!
    got to love crazy socks though :)

  4. Oh i love a good t-shirt and jeans day. I have a whole load of cute rockabilly tee's i wear with jeans and my trusty converse :o) You look so cute in this look Scarlett x

  5. Crosse and Blackwell used to make those in the Eighties, it was student survival fayre.
    Dunno who the guy is on your tee but you look fab in your jeans. x


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