Friday, 18 November 2011

A responsible adult... who helps stamp out consumerism apparently, since this outfit was completely (inadvertently) second hand, yeah!  I wore it to go view a flat the other night, which I later decided to take, so as of 27th December I'll have my third address in a year...  I'm not on the run, honest!  In actual fact, the new place is a townhouse on the river, I'll be sharing with a guy but have the whole bottom floor to myself - my own bedroom, shower room, living room and utility room, all at a price I just couldn't say no to, rather looking forward to moving this time, especially now the Great Declutter has taken care of a lot of my possessions (more on this in the future!).
Cardi - charity shop
H&M blouse - charity shop
Skirt - charity shop
F&F loafers - eBay

I found the cardi a few weeks ago - my size, wool and with long enough sleeves all for £1.50, sold!

I spent a good part of the day watching Downton Abbey - I'm hopelessly in love with Mr Bates, the man of my dreams will be as romantic as him or I'll die alone!  Pah - I'll probably die alone given my tendacy to dramatics actually....

I also got in a fight with Lappy earlier over it's refusal to download the new Snow Patrol album from Amazon to iTunes, but I got there eventually and it's now playing their lovely music to me.  Amazon are doing the album download for only £3.99 (!!!) this week, go get it!  I fell in love with 'This isn't everything you are' a few weeks ago but the other songs sound promising...



  1. Ooh, best of luck with the new place - I hate actually moving but I love making a new place my home. :)

  2. Good luck with the move, you'll have to show us round!

  3. Good luck with the move!
    Love those cute red shoes, very glossy! x

  4. a third move? Good for you and hope it goes smoothly :)

  5. a third move? Good for you and hope it goes smoothly :)

  6. a third move? Good for you and hope it goes smoothly :)

  7. Great blog btw!!!!
    Im loving your outfits and just wanted to share the love of Downton abbey!!!!
    Your obviously a fan so please do stop by my blog
    Best wishes


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