Monday, 28 November 2011

The screams of an adolescent 26 year old...

Well Friday was a very exciting day for me - I got to see Hanson again!  Yes they finally came back to Scotland, although they played Edinburgh this time, which for me involved buses, trains and over 4 hours travelling (eh total, not each way, I'm not that insane!) but it was totally worth it, they were as amazing as ever.  I didn't get many pics, my compact camera sucks big time (don't ever buy things off your brother without questioning why he wants rid of it...) but there's a few at the bottom of the post.

Here's what I wore for Faff Screamfest 2011 - I was going for concert cool with public transport warmth!
M&S cardi - charity shop
Next dress - charity shop
Belt - H&M
Boots - Converse

Necklace - remade from keyring

 Feel free to tell me to takes these boots the hell off...they're so handy tho!

Love that last one!

As you can see the guys are all somehow getting even more beautiful with age - Zac had longer hair again and it was all 70s flicky, so yummy!  I did manage to stand behind the only tall guy there tho so had to cunningly edge my way to the side hehe.  There was also a lovely chav behind me requesting songs - I know I shouldn't judge on appearance/neddy Scots voice, but he made me laugh, it's good to know Hanson fans now span all age and gender!

I also managed to preview 2 films the same day - My Week with Marilyn, which was stuffed full of the most gorgeous costumes and was actually rather entertaining, altho if the movie is anything to go by, Ms Monroe was one hell of an emotional wreck!  I didn't much like Michelle Williams as the title character - aside from the fact she looks precisely nothing like Marilyn, she's just not an actress I'm particularly fond of....  which put me off the real Marilyn a bit....  However the same thing happened when I watched Cate Blanchett play Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator - I quite believe KH was that annoying in real life but I now can't stand either of them!

I also saw 50/50, a cancer 'comedy' with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen.  Yeah... it wasn't much fun, considering the cast - there were a few laughs but it was overall depressing, altho I never for a second thought he would die at the end.  Eh, I'm not saying that happens or doesn't, it just didn't seem like that's where they were going with it!

Anyone agree with my reviews? 



  1. Haha hilarious - I saw My Week with Marilyn at the weekend and thought Michelle Williams was so good I forgot I wasn't watching Marilyn Monroe!

  2. Pretty dress, looks great with those boots.
    Hanson? I can't believe they are still going. x

  3. Aw, look at them all, all grown up! Glad you had fun screaming like a kid again!

    I'm seeing My Week with Marilyn on Wednesday and really looking forward to it. And I still love 50/50, though it was being mis-sold as a comedy; I've told all my friends to take hankies.

  4. I went to see my week with Marilyn yesterday, I really enjoyed it and I thought Michelle Williams was good, but I didn't realise how messed up Marilyn Monroe was, I found it quite sad xxx

  5. the dress and boots look great together. I do love practical-chic outfits x

  6. Why did I get a shock when I scrolled down and Hanson aren't still 12?!

  7. awesome leopard belt, very charming!



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