Thursday, 24 November 2011

Vintage winter...

I love when it gets cold enough to dig out the winter clothes again!  Found this dress last year for 10p (!!!) and its a great staple.  Only problem is it's a size gigantic without the belt - actually just wondering why I've not attacked it with my sewing machine... meh, it's easier this way, plus I rather like an excuse to wear this belt!
Dress - charity shop
Belt - charity shop
Shoes - Minnetonka

I've had this hedgehog necklace for longer than I can remember - for once I'm ahead of a trend since I saw an identical one in Topshop the other day!
These bracelets are from an H&M set purchased years ago - all my jewellery is so old, it's not something I really shop for.  Anyone else have these weird gaps in their wardrobe?!

Love the soft feel of this belt.  I also have my mind set on a studded waist one, have been surfing eBay all week!

Right now I'm sitting in the semi dark in front of the gas fire listening to a storm outside - I'm covering a shift at work later, don't start til 7pm but wishing I'd said no now!



  1. I don't envy you going out later, it's blowing up a right old storm here, too.
    That dress is gorgeous and the red belt shows off your tiny waist a treat. x

  2. Oh my i love that dress - 10p!!! You have to be kidding, thats awesome! The belt looks fab with it, im a big fan of red waist belts :o) Scarlett x

  3. That dress is amazing, especially for 10p!
    I can't say I have any gaps in my wardrobe, I'm a whole round shopaholic haha xxx

  4. Don't do a thing to that dress - it looks just perfect cinched in with that gorgeous belt.

  5. that dress is gorgeous and I love the belt. I raelly don't ever buy jewellery and forget to wear what I do own most of the time

  6. Yip, and I emailed you but I'm not sure if you got it - so, in case not, THANK YOU!!!!

  7. I'm a bit late catching up with blog reading - it's so funny seeing you say "It's finally cold enough..." Feels like winter's been set in a long time now, brr! Loving the hedgehog necklace, thought it was a thistle or something at first :) I never buy jewellery anymore either. I tend to wear the same things all the time - a silver locket my Grandma gave me about 8 years ago and a green amber ring I got for my 18th birthday xx

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