Monday, 14 November 2011

A wee update...

sleeping in with Red and pjs that kinda match my duvet...

looking weirdly defiant about going to the gym...

the now-almost-weekly 'Elise lives up to her Faff name' results...
Let's see, what's been happening in the world of Faff?  I'm gonna use good old fashioned bullet points to lay this out I think....
  • Probably the most important change to my life is that I'm now single again.  No 'aaww's tho, it was a mutual decision and definitely the right one.
  • It may be down to the clocks changing but I just cant seem to get enough sleep - if I don't set my alarm I wake up around 11am, not good!
  • In actual fact if I do set my alarm I still don't get up on time - but I'm somehow never late for work, must be pedalling faster than I thought!
  • Oh yes, I've been riding my bike more, and going to the gym with more frequency.  Totally have yet another running injury tho, the magic shoes are not doing their job!
  • After coming back from Yorkshire, I still had nearly 2 weeks off work.  I did precisely NOTHING. Which did nothing to help my procrastination tendancies.
  • However, a mere 2 days back at work and I side fell off a plinth and cut my leg.  And ripped my tights, which I was more upset about until I got back from buying a new pair and found I'd rather damaged myself... sigh, Faff strikes again...
  • I've been slightly resting the leg by powering thru my ER boxset (just finished season 3!) and watching too many environmental documentaries from LoveFilm - the future does not look good people!
  • Mhairi (my BFF in Yorkshire) has also given me Downton Abbey to watch, I smell a new obsession...
  • In fact, speaking of TV love, this season I've fallen totally in love with Pan Am, Up all Night and Once Upon a Time - do check them out, I very nearly talked myself into being a stewardess (before remembering that I hate customers and actually adore my solitary job and flat!)
  • All the tv watching has done nothing to curb my appetite for yummy 'movie' food - but it's totally fine, I eat crisps INSTEAD of lunch, think I actually save calories... ;)
  • But yeah, this might explain my ability to sleep for 10 straight hours...not something I was ever particularly gifted at...
  • It's all good tho, when I wake up I do so slowly, by playing Jewels on my phone.  Yup, after nearly a year I worked out how to download apps - only have a game, cinema times, IMDB and Facebook, but I'll get there...


  1. Once Upon a Time may be the best show ever! Pan Am is good, but its not moving forward much. Hope that bruise feels better!

  2. I wish I was as focussed as you with the exercise - what's your secret? OUCH! to the bruise, and I'm with you on the sleep thing - my body hates change.

  3. I really enjoyed Downton Abbey. My body is convinced that it should sleep for all the hours of darkness, so I'm drifting off so early.

  4. Ooh, love the duvet cover - yellow AND polkadots?! Amazing.

    I'm with you on the not getting enough sleep thing. I've been physically holding one eye open since about half past seven this evening because I REFUSE to fall asleep before ten. Half past seven, though - what's wrong with me?!

  5. Ouch, your poor leg (and poor tights!) By the way I love your dressing table in the background of your second photo, beautifully art deco.

  6. Is Once Upon A Time as deliciously fairy-taleish as I imagine? I haven't heard of it before.

    Ouch to your leg! I thought I was bad with the bruises.

  7. Amazing bruise - good going on that one.

    I didn't watch Downton when it was on TV and got the box set for my birthday - ended up watching the whole series in a couple of days - it's brilliant. 2nd series wasn't as good though, I have to say.

    Boo to the running injury. I'm the same, currently sporting a massive lump on my left shin - starting to think I'm just going to have to put up with this kind of nonsense if I want to carry on running! Stupid shin splints.

  8. That bruise looks horrid!
    I'm looking forward to Pan Am. Air travel was much more glam back then. x

  9. Can you email me details of how you saw once Uopn A Time? I cant get access as I live in the uK and it's not shown over here yet.Thanks

  10. Wow lots of news! Sorry to hear about your breakup but great that it's amicable. Missed Downton Abbey but feeling more and more like I need a box set of it! x


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