Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Actual Christmas Movie Saturday

So the Christmas movies did a pretty good job of boosting my Christmas spirit this weekend!  Either that or it was the foreign beer from Aldi, who knows... ;)

Darth Vader Mr Potato Head...
...who Frankie gave a bit of a makeover to - we were in slight hysterics after she unveiled his new look ;)

It was a rather fun day filled with chocolate Santa's, workmen fixing the roof and interrupting Love Actually, trying to drink Bucks Fizz the posh way and Moffat revealing he's never before seen home Alone 2 - wtf?!  It ended with me cycling 2 miles home full of food and beer - I do not recommend doing this, especially if it's windy and cold and you can barely move off the couch...  

In today's news, I was supposed to be meeting my friend for lunch but he's fallen mysteriously ill, although it made me sadly pleased that now the only thing I had to do today was go to the doctors - my being on holiday does nothing to help my natural laziness!  Mother has decided to start decorating the house for Christmas so I'm willing to bet the tall person on the couch will get roped into hanging shiny things though...yay...



  1. What a fun, relaxed time of it your having :-) I love the photo of the pair of you with your socks and feet on the coffee table!

  2. Gotta love the Mister Potato! Glad you had such relaxed time! Have fun decorating the house :)

  3. Love the feet! Hope you have a great time on your holidays.

  4. Darth Potato Head looks ace - he's even got a light sabre!

    P.S. Nice festive socks!

  5. Elf on Channel 4 did it for me - love it!


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