Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bargains and thermals...

First of all - how freaking cold is it?!  I spent the whole day shivering and moaning, not a HUGE departure from my usual daily routine but it was more intense because of the SNOW!  Now, I may kinda like winter, but snow and biting wind just seems a bit...unnecessary to me.  I did a bit of layering with some new charity shop finds - the cute jumper and the stripy tshirt were just £1 each, and both look new, rather pleased with that!
Handmade cardi - car boot sale
M&S jumper - charity shop
Topman tshirt - charity shop
Jeans - Topshop Tall
Tie - £ shop

 Scored a 2-pack of these thermal socks when my local £ shop was closing down - for 75p, weirdly...
 I got a parcel yesterday!  Bagged this fabby skirt on eBay for 99p the other night, may have also ordered some shimmery tights, can't wait to get all festive! 
And here's another recent bargain - a Dorothy Perkins dress from the 90s, just waiting for me to decide whether or not to chop a few inches off and make it more 'me'.  But do I want it to be more my usual knee length style or do I wanna try something in the 'midi' range...?  Decisions decisions...  It was only £2 tho so I don't reckon I can go wrong!

In other news, I've recently joined Twitter and have not a clue what's going on, except that I can see what my favourite actors from The Office and 30 Rock are up pop by and say hello!



  1. Loving that cardi - looks so so warm x

  2. That's precisely why I'm a summer girl, I hate the cold...although you Scots are having it at lot worse than us this week.
    Love that red skirt. x

  3. Great tie today :o) I hate the cold too and dont even mention the S word - i still have horrible memories of last years snowmagedon! Scarlett x

  4. plz wear shear tights more,you have the most suckable toes in nylon xxxxx

  5. ^^^ Yikes!!

    Can't wait to see you in that red skirt - very 'Elise'! :)


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