Monday, 12 December 2011

Bits and pieces...

What have I been doing this week?  Ok I know it's Monday but it's still 'this week' for me, cinema weeks start on a Friday!  Except that some of these pics are from Thursday... pfft who cares, I'm still cold.
 Here's a lovely pic from our night out - it illustrates why I tell everyone to wear heels when we go out...  But Fiona's legs are a whole 9 INCHES shorter than mine in the first place, I can't work with that!  My BFF also came up with a great way for me to still be wearing my tie - he just wrapped it round my arm and paper clipped it in place, this is why we're so good at fixing stuff in our job... ;)
 We're all very well, non sluttily dressed at our nights out, us girls rock!
 A rather blurry late night Daily Tie Picture...
 Black maternity dress, comfy hoodie, cosy work fleece and Converse - can you tell this was Sunday's work outfit?!
 Just before the night out - I insisted on the picture being taken AFTER I spent the day walking about projection (and the foyer...) with curlers in - can you tell my unsympathetic boss is a bloke?!
 It's rather ridiculously hard to get a decent pic of a black dress - this fab 90s number was only £1 from the local hospice shop, and Amy's is from H&M, I was a bit in love with it!
 My fave yet most impractical shoes... Calvin Klein leopard heels found in an outlet in America ;)
Only took 'parts of outfit pics' the day after the 7 free hair and face were a bit dodgy!
 Found yet another place to put the tie...
 Glitter nail polish and a plastic ring...ended up with a bunch of cracker toys in my hair on Thursday, there better be no pics of that...
Made a hair tie out of an old bow tie - it may not be coming out my hair til Christmas!

In other news...

My best friend is in New York and I miss him like crazy - although I'm not sure if it's cause he's so far away from me or cause I'm filled with insane jealousy that he's in my fave place in the world!

I reached season 6 of the ER boxset - 5 down, 10 to go...

Realised that my moving day is 2 weeks away and I am utterly unprepared - not one box has been packed, altho a lot of stuff has been sold on eBay!

One should not enter M&S this close to Xmas, even if it's to pick up a parcel on a Monday morning...

When power surges happen, digital projectors like to shut down and make lots of noise...

I need more sleep!

Is everyone prepared for Christmas?  Feel like it's totally crept up on me this year!



  1. That lovely brocade dress is perfect with the teal opaques and gorgeous leopard sandals.
    Xmas? Is that soon? x

  2. adore that dress, what a steal at £1. you look fab on your night out!!

  3. Love your brocade dress! I wasn't wearing stuff that stylish in the 90s! Also loving that first pic of you and your friend, I'm like that with some of mine! x


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