Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Movie Saturday!

This weekend my friends and I have an awesome plan to spend a whole day watching festive movies, I'm so excited!  (and a bit sad evidently!)  Being the movie addict that I am, I thought I'd give you a wee round up of my favourite Christmas films, and remind myself to remind my pal that I WILL throw a strop if we don't watch this one first...  Muppet Christmas Carol!
By far my favourite Christmas movie, this was when I really got into the Muppets films - I'm filled with rage that we have to wait til February for the new one, WTF?!  Anyway...  I only bought this movie on DVD last year, in fact I still have the video my brother and I taped from the tv one Christmas day - it starts with the Queen's speech, then the movie (complete with 90s ads!) then ends with a Spice Girls concert... I'm getting an insane urge to watch it now!  Basically this is the Muppets version of A Christmas Carol, as you may have guessed from the title, and it stars the great Michael Caine as Scrooge - and he sings!  Worth it just for that I reckon ;)

 Love Actually!  Gah, maybe this is my fave Christmas movie - the romance, the humour ('Kids, dont buy drugs!  Become a rock star and they give you them for FREE...'), Liam Neeson, what's not to love!  It tells the tale of a bunch of different people and their lives in the run up to Christmas - my favourite storyline is the Colin Firth one, ridiculous but utterly romantic!
Everyone in the world must know the Home Alone story of Kevin McCallister, a kid accidentally left at home when his family go on a Christmas holiday, who then has to defend his home from (rather stupid) burglars.  Funny when  you're a kid, but these days makes me feel dumb that an 8 year could possibly be smarter than me...

In the sequel, imaginatively title Home Alone 2, Kevin actually makes it to the airport before getting lost, this time ending up on a plane to NYC.  It's basically the same story in a different city, but this year I'll be using it for bookmarking places I must see next time I go to New York!
Miracle on 34th Street - I've only seen the newer version with Mara Wilson, but it's got more New York, so what's not to love?!  It's about a kid who doesn't believe in Santa Claus, until she meets him...  (did I make that sound mysterious and exciting or what?!)

Another cheesy 90s movie (can you tell what decade I grew up in yet?), All I Want For Christmas has a young Thora Bird and apparently a girl with excellent taste in jumpers.  Thora's adorable/annoying character and her brother are working to try and get their separated parents back together in time for Christmas, I'll let you guess the ending... ;)

And the classic, Its A Wonderful Life - in fact I only saw this movie for the first time a few years ago, last year I went to a digital screening in a little independent theatre and it made my Christmas, it's such an awesome classic story that has been parodied so many times that I'm pretty sure everyone must know the story!  I don't usually like black and white movies but this is one of my favourites - I don't own it tho so I may not be seeing it this year, unless I rent it for Saturday!

If anyone fancies some Christmas cheer at the cinema this weekend, you could do a lot worse than Arthur Christmas (Puss in Boots for one, first time I've not been able to sit thru previewing a film!).  It has a bunch of famous British voice talents - Jim Broadbent, James McAvoy, Karen from Outnumbered, it has the classic 'feel good' vibe and it has 'Christmas' in the title, meaning at the very least it will be ok - if you judge movies the Faff way anyway!

If you can't find a child to go to Arthur Christmas with (not that it would stop me...), New Years Eve is surprisingly...not shit.  I know, I didn't expect to be saying that either!  Ok it's no Love Actually, but it has NEW YORK (sensing a theme?) and some ok actors, and Ashton is hot, and Lea Michele's character is called Elise, and it has NEW YORK!  So go now!  Especially if you like those soppy kinds of movies, someone (ahem) may have been a teary mess by the end... 

Have I missed any?  What's your favourite Christmas movie?



  1. oh this is really an awesome plan! i love watching all this christmas stuff too and i think i will never ever be too old for that haha
    love and kiss,mary


  2. Hello! I will add you to the meet up list so that you're included in emails, when we get to that stage.

    ps. I Love 'Elf' :)

  3. This sounds like a brilliant idea, but you forgot Jingle All The Way! Surely Arnie's best ever film roll, no? I also love Tim Allen's Santa Claus, mostly because of Judge Reinhold. It fills me with joy when he says "my weeny whistle!" at the end :)

  4. Muppet Christmas carol is my favouritist Christmas film by far! I adore Love Actually too, I actually watched it on Sunday with my little sister and her Grandad, I totally forgot about the naked bits...opps!
    I went to see Happy Feet 2 last night with my mum and we both loved it, we've even decided it's better then the first one!!Maybe not quite a Christmas film but me and a friend (not a child) are going to see Arthur Christmas tonight to get our Christmas fix and we are already planning to see Happy New Year in a few weeks xxx

  5. Ooh, yes, but I'm fond of A Muppet Family Christmas, too.

    Um... New Year's Eve? Really? A friend and I are going to do a double bill of Films We Wouldn't Usually Watch next week and it's on the shortlist... I'm feeling a bit better about that now...

  6. Ahh the Muppets are my fave too! And the Emma Thompson story in Love Actually is the one that gets me - SOB! x


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