Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Family at Christmas...

...and pressies of course!  I did rather well for myself this year, one of the highlights being a giant Soap and Glory bag filled with goodies - plus even more toiletries in my stocking!  Is it wrong that I get overexcited about receiving practical gifts?  I'd much rather be gifted something useful or something from my wish list than some useless trinket that does nothing...  Altho now that I'm not so shy about voicing that opinion I've found there were not many surprises this year - fine with me!
 Ooh it has a bow!
 I also got 2 of my fave Body Shop body butters and a No7 gift bag with little miniatures inside - now I can try some new makeup without spending a penny!  
 Here's what actually came in the bag - 10 things!  (Ok I've now posted 3 pictures about this, time to move on... ;))
 My usual stack of books and DVDs - I'm reading Mindy Kaling's book now and can confirm it was totally worth the wait!  Also if you follow me on Twitter you'll already know about the heart attack I had on opening the pack of Wonka sweets - I'm saving these for last if I can!
 New diary and calendar of course, plus a Penguin shirt found in TKMaxx last week...
 Fleece lined!  I'll never be cold again...
 The sweetie table - I discovered a while ago that Amazon had a grocery section so added some sweets to my wish list, which my lovely friends and Mother fully embraced and I was sent bags of my fave things!  The rhubarb and custards may be nearly gone, gah...
 On to the family pics!  Here's Mic waiting for dinner - since I was in charge of setting the table it was minimalist all the way...nothing to do with me testing the cooking instead of actually setting the table...
 Managed to get out of doing the dishes on account of having to make sure my new tripod worked...  I can confirm it did after it let my finger go, apparently my idiocy is still going strong tho.
A family portrait of sorts - Mother hates getting her picture taken whereas me and Mic are the worlds biggest posers, dunno how that happened!  This is the closest I got, unless you count the one of her scowling at me then making me promise not to put it online, which I haven't...yet!  Mwahahaha...

It was a fun day off with actual food, Mother only cooks about twice a year but she makes the best roast potatoes - with the help of Aunt Bessie ;)  This is actually a scheduled post since today is moving day, URGH, so hopefully by the time you read this I'll have packed, moved and unpacked and be at work with my stack of books!



  1. I'm with you on the practical presents too. I got some lovely Burt's Bees products, which are my fave. And I got some really lovely tea towels - boring or what - ha ha!

  2. I got that same vintage book for my birthday.

    Hope the move went smoothly!

  3. Yay for S&G goodies :) Is that the Ken Loach Sweet Sixteen? Love it! Lovely intimate and informal family portrait! x


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