Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Family Flashbacks - 70s

The next in the flashbacks series!  These pics are from the 70s - my mum got longer hair and even better clothes, damn her tendency not to hoard stuff from 35 years ago!
 Here she is in her Girl Guide uniform and school blazer.  Ok I'm not coveting this so much, not sure turquoise is my thing...  I'm liking the mixture of 'brands' tho ;) 
Mother in an awesomely cute mini dress, uncle Bobby in stripes and ginger bowl cut, win...
Red trousers!  Have I mentioned it's been my life ambition since age 10 to own red trousers?  Still not there...
Mother's friends on a camping trip - now I know what to wear if I ever go camping, rolled up flares and a woolly scarf, yeah!
I remember first seeing this picture and falling instantly in love with this dress, how cute is it?!  And this girls glasses, original geek chic!
Very nearly bid on a similar outfit on eBay this summer then decided it would be thinking I made the wrong decision! Uncle B looks cool as ever, a definite improvement on the last outfit!
A trio of 70s gorgeousness!  My gran wears an amazing lace blouse, Mother wears one of the prettiest dresses ever and aunt Anne models a dress I'd very much like a mini skirt version of...
What's with all the maxi's?! Gran looks pretty fab in this one though, maybe I'd actually want to wear one if someone brought back a pretty fitted style...



  1. What a fab round-up. You are so much like your Mum.
    Just get yourself a vintage maxi dress pattern and make your own. Even I can do that. x

  2. Aw I LOVE looking through old pictures, even if I don't personally know the people in them! These are fab - love the fashions! xx

  3. Love these! I don't have many pictures of my parents in the 70s, but I wish I did now!

  4. That pic of your mum's friends camping reminds me so much of the fun pics you post of your friends, how lovely!


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