Thursday, 22 December 2011

Family Flashbacks - Christmas Party Time!

Ok it's time to have some festive fun with this series!  This week's pictures feature some rather fab/questionable looking Christmas outfits - mostly featuring me, yay....  

Every year my Granny would give my brother and I an outfit each for Christmas - usually some fun party dress or velvet item for me, and always with matching accessories, it was a bit of a running joke!
So here I am aged about 3 - I have really vivid memories of this outfit weirdly enough, I think it was something I wore as much as I could!  Also the obligatory white tights - it seemed like every party dress in the 80s/90s wasn't complete without white tights!
I remember this dress well - up close the black fabric was the most horrible quilted looking stuff...  No idea whats on my feet... I actually hate this outfit...
Me in a yellow velvet jumper and my auntie in a partly striped tracksuit... the 90s at its best!  This picture is fun for the pressie snooping thought - clearly it was a year of trolls, Barbies and a random globe...
Now this dress on the other hand - I was rather in love with it, and still am a little bit.  Black coloured velvet with lace trim, prettiness!
My lord, this was the start of a long run of big, horrid glasses for me, and horrid waistcoats judging by the picture...  I'm in love with the velvet polka dot body though, is it wrong to say I'd wear this now? ;)
Had to include one of Michael just for the comedy value - when I was sorting thru the photos I realised he wore a lot of cord trousers and checked shirts, maybe this was the boy fashion of the time!
There are so many Christmas pictures I could date according to what Disney movie was out that year!  My family must have been a toy merchandisers dream, I had so many toys from every movie, plus the yearly boost to my Barbie collection, I was rather obsessed for yeeeaars...  This was my pressie opening outfit - an Aladdin jumper and leggings set most likely from M&S, that at least half the girls in my school also seemed to own... And to make it even better, Aladdin socks that you can just see in the last picture - maybe this is where my underwear matching stemmed from!
The Christmas dinner outfit that year was another chic affair - a knitted skirt and jumper, with matching hat and tights... kinda glad my gran graduated to giving me money eventually!
Yeah, I dunno what's going on here... but the big glasses and themed clothing are still in place - this time a Looney Tunes denim shirt that I remember wearing constantly, plus the velvet and gold braid hairband I was into at the time - for most of my primary school years (age 5-11) I wore a chunky hairband of some description, it was horrific in hindsight.
Here's where it gets slightly better - this was taken before the school Christmas dance, so I must be around  12 and therefore becoming aware of fashion... in actual fact that may not make for any improvements judging by the feather adorned handbag!  
Judging by the tiara, this could be from the same year...  I'm wearing an H&M top from my auntie that I rather loved - this can be noted as the one and only time she bought me an item of clothing I actually liked, and she always gets me something for my birthday and Christmas.  This years birthday she actually went to Next Tall range, which you'd think couldn't go wrong, but I was presented with a turquoise, linen, halterneck playsuit... I hate linen, and playsuits, and halter necks.  So really I got a gift card, win!
Ah now this beauty was taken before our sixth year Christmas dance - our last year, so we got all glammed up!  I'm wearing a Topshop backless dress - that one of my friends also ended up wearing, grr!  It was about then that I started being very careful about what I bought on the high street...  Anyway, it was also around this time that I realised I was taller than almost everyone in the school, so I picked the lowest heels I could find - they totally didnt go and Mother hated them, but at least I wasn't a giant.  Nowadays of course, if I'm not wearing my highest heels out, people wonder what's wrong with me!  Mhairi on the left is still my best gal pal, and still buys ballgowns, mostly no reason whatsoever... ;)
Well I had to save the best/most hideous for last - what is this curtain styled monstrosity doing on my body?!

Merry Christmas!



  1. Oh, my goodness, these are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. And Merry Christmas!

  2. Ahaha! What a fantastic set of photos, brilliant post. I also think I owned a dodgy patterned waistcoat! 90s fashion at its best. Did you ever wear Poppers? I remember EVERYONE wore poppers at primary school. We must have looked like neds.

  3. What a great collection of photographs! How I remember the white tights of childhood too!

  4. TOO CUTE! Thank you for sharing! These are much better than my old Christmas photos...I never got dressed up to open presents, so I'm in pajamas in most of them. Big ugly pink robe one year. Stupid penguin pants the next. Ugh. But I have to admit, I totally dig your Jasmine sweatshirt! WANT.

  5. Awh! I always wanted one of those pretty velvet dresses, never got tone though, and is that Polly Pocket I spy? My daughter had some, and a troll doll, and yes cords were very "on trend" in the 90's!! X

  6. What a brilliant range of outfits through the ages. I loved this! happy Xmas. x

  7. Love, love, LOVE your Christmas pics! Especially the one of you in black jeans, Loony Tunes shirt. So cute and funny.
    Merry Christmas x

    p.s. thank you for your nice comment on our funny little christmas tree.

  8. Ahh I LOVE fashion flashbacks to the 80s and 90s, I had so much similar stuff! We had those exact Santa heads from the pic with your aunty in her tracksuit, I think they're still in the loft actually! x


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