Friday, 23 December 2011

Stripes, spots and (early) pressies!

Well it looks like I'm back to the good old red, white and blue combo, oops!  Seriously, if you weren't here this summer, check it out, I think they were the only colours I wore!  I'm still dressing from my overnight bag at Mother's so there's a bit of a mish mash going on, plus I wanted an excuse to wear these new tights from eBay - I don't really do coloured tights but when I do, they might as well be bright!
Topman tshirt - charity shop
Belt - H&M
Skirt - charity shop
Tights - eBay
Shoes - Topshop

 Not sure I've ever shared my watch on's a fab silver Dunder Mifflin man's watch, I got it on eBay for the grand sum of $0.99 - then paid $12 postage and £5 to get it fitted to my wee wrists... there's a bargain in there somewhere!
My hair is still bothering me, so I've started rolling it back at the front for something different!  Only problem is it's rather thick, so it takes about 10 kirby grips to hold it in place, faff...

So remember the other day when Mother went shopping and I skived off to work?  Well I did actually get as far as TK Maxx since I was returning some jeans, and Mother got all annoying and decided to buy me something in place of them, so I came out with a couple of bargains! 
 Hush Puppies brogues, original price £65, my price £15!  I've heard folk raving about this brand but I kinda associate them with um...old lady shoes... until I slipped these on my feet - so comfy!  Can't wait to wear them.
 And I also fell a bit in love with this Clements Ribeiro jumper, original price £130 (!!!), my price £24.99, yeah!  It's a rather lovely, simple style that still manages to indulge my love of stripes - this may be coming out on Christmas day!

In other news, I went to Dorothy Perkins last week and inquired about the whereabouts of their Tall range - and the sales assistant told me it was no longer being sold in stores.  Cue me going into a huff and emailing them last night - can't wait to hear what brilliant excuse they come up with!  New Look actually told me the same story, but I tend to avoid shopping there so I'm still deciding whether to bother them too or let them get on with it...  Am I going overboard, or is it unfair that many stores cater to petite and overweight customers but not tall ones?  Even Topshop has reduced their tall range to a single rail in my closest store, what's going on?!

Well this will likely be my last pre Christmas post, I'm back to work tomorrow - 11 hour shift on Christmas eve, argh!  But I get to finish at 9pm instead of 11pm, woop de bloody do....  If last year is anything to go by I'll be in the absolute worst mood and you won't want me destroying your Christmas spirit anyway, so I'll wish you a festive goodness now and go away for a few days... Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. That is crazy! It's not like the human race is getting any smaller. *rolls eyes*
    As another tall person I've struggled for years to get trousers in the right leg length. D P's used to be one of the places that I knew I would be catered for, bah.

  2. Hmmm, having tall things online is just not good enough. It seems bizarre when petite ranges are so popular. Anyway, Merry Christmas! :)

  3. No you have a total point in emailing but be ready for some lame excuse - like there's not enough tall people or whatever! I love it when shops claim how inclusive they are and then do things like this!

    Regardless of that, Merry Christmas!

  4. Yeah, they can cater for size four girls but not for anybody over five foot six. Grr.

    I LOOOOOOOVE brightly coloured tights. I also love Hush Puppies; I find their sizing a bit unpredictable (I have a pair a size smaller than I usually take which is roomy around the toes and another a size bigger which feel a little bit tight) but they've got a great vintagey sort of style.

  5. Are they planning to stock it on-line or just phase it out altogether? Seems a bit mad when as a nation we're getting taller.
    Happy Xmas! x

  6. Those tights are fantastic, I love the intensity of the red! Plus, they make me feel so festive <3

  7. I love the mixed prints! Really cool look :D


    xxx ninja (

  8. loving all the mixed patterns, outfit looks fab! and those new shoes make me want to be your new shoe buddy :D lol! How rude in regards to tall... i agree, catering for some and not others is not right!

  9. nice post!!!

  10. very nice ,love you in tights xxxxx

  11. I love the spots and stripes together and the red tights! Adore the skirt

  12. This is such a cute outfit! Have a fabulous christmas hun and an amazing new year :o) Scarlett x

  13. This is such a cute outfit! Have a fabulous christmas hun and an amazing new year :o) Scarlett x

  14. I thought it was just my local small DP that didn't stock the tall range! But yes I've noticed lately in other places there's a huge difference in the size of the Petite and Tall departments. Having stuff online only just isn't good enough, especially as the sizes tend to magically change when an item is Tall - I think I'll fire off a letter or two too!

    (Love your spots and stripes combo) xx


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