Saturday, 17 December 2011

Winter woolies and layering...

Well this outfit is actually from the other day, but I think it would work well for lazy Christmas Movie Saturday too!  It's gotten ridiculously cold here this week so I've been all about piling on as many layers as possible, especially wool ones!  Although my flat is so cold that it's rather torturous pulling on cold jeans in the morning, it may be approaching that time where tights go under every outfit...  Or the thermal leggings I bought on eBay last week (unfortunately it's also the time for post to start slowing dramatically, so I may get them by spring!).
Cardi - made by Mother
Topman stripe T - charity shop
White T - Target
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Tall
Boots - Converse
And of course the obligatory tie picture!

I'm also picking up the keys for my new place today, yay!  In an hour actually, maybe about time I stopped faffing...  I'm going back to flat sharing again, this whole responsible adult thing just doesn't suit me, handing over a set amount to a landlord every month works much better, the less I have to care about bills and stuff the better! 

Happy Weekend!



  1. Loving your green cardie, looks so snuggly, perfect :)

  2. plz get the tights back on xxxxxx

  3. Just can't beat a big wooly jumper/cardi at this time of year. I'm in the north of Scotland so I understand how cold it is at the moment. I busted out my thermal leggings this week!

    Hope everything goes well with your new place :)

  4. That jumper looks amazing - so impressed your mother made it - go her!

  5. This cardi looks so cozy, love it!

  6. Your Mum is so clever. Good luck with the new flat! x

  7. Vests and extra socks with everything now. :(

    Best of luck with the new home!


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