Sunday, 27 February 2011


Here's 2 of my fave goodies for sale on my ebay this week - I'm a bit in love with this slip and gown set, kinda gutted to be selling it but I gotta create some space!
And how awesome are these trousers?!


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Isn't knitting fun?!

Here's what I've done today - caught up on my knitting and watched movies! I'm up to 4 - The Runaways, The Princess Bride, Never let me go and To kill a mockingbird, all pretty average I thought, Never let me go was dissappointingly dull and Mockingbird was v dated, but all entertaining enough.
Here's the top I just picked up again - somehow started it in September and never got round to finishing it. Was flying along today but gotta change needles and don't have the other ones with me - tomorrow more progress shall be made!
Was at my mum's yesterday and instead of catching up on my sewing I got distracted by some old knitting patterns I found stashed under a stool in the kitchen - think they were my gran's at one point. Got major giggles looking thru them, there were so many dodgy expressions on the model's faces that I just had to share;
Check out the demon kids in bottom one
These guys ALL look like they're up to something, hardly surprising
First woman is like 'dont take my picture!' (muttered thru clenched teeth), second one is just plain weird looking!
Not a funny pic, I just really wanna make this
How amazingly cute is this baby? And I am NOT a baby person but I just had a gooey moment when I saw this one haha
And this guy. What can I say? I turned the pattern over and saw him and just burst into hysterics! Great entertainment.


Friday, 25 February 2011

Today's outfit

A little outfit post today since I had a longed-for day off. Have actually done some canny re-arranging of my shifts next week so got 3 days off in a row, cue sigh of relief! Work has been a bit tedious lately but didn't wanna take a week off cause I'm going on hols next month, so went for a compromise :p

Anyway, here's my mild weather outfit from today - remember the boots I returned to New Look cause I couldn't really afford them? Well it turns out you can't return sale stuff there any more, so ended up keeping them and got credit vouchers for the other pair. Was not impressed, won't be shopping in there again for a while! (actually just won't be shopping for a while, on a bit of a money saving drive...I know, how dull)
Jumper - Topshop Tall, v old
Dress - Topshop Tall, almost as old
Tights - ...
Socks - M&S sale, £2
Boots - New Look £20
They are lovely boots tho, aren't they? Altho annoyingly I got a size bigger cause the 7s felt small, but these are def too big. My feet hate me :/
Found this cute fleecy bow on the 10p table the other day, was full of kids clothes so not entirely sure this isn't off some soft toy...
Got this Mickey Mouse bracelet on hols last year, love it!


Thursday, 24 February 2011


It may seem weird that, despite working in a cinema and watching movies at home constantly, I don't talk about them much. This is mainly cause a) I watch too many movies and would be on here reviewing all the time, and b) after watching, I really only think about whether I liked it or not, and don't really like to disect it too much (this having ruined a lot of books for me in English class at school :P). But after watching Cracks the other night, I couldn't resist sharing some pics from it.

Now, Sean thinks its hilarious that after rating a period movie, I also rate on whether the costumes were any good. I think this is a perfectly valid point to review on, and the costumes in this film just made it great for me. It was set in 1934, so lots of high waists and pretty sundresses kept popping up. Don't want to give away too much of the plot, but basically Eva Green plays a school teacher at a girls boarding school, and after a new girl arrives from Spain, things turn jealous and creepy. (see, great at reviews!) Couldn't find as many pics as I would have liked, don't think it was a particularly big release, so just enjoy these ones and make believe its a quaint British summers day - one of those ones without rain that is :)


Monday, 21 February 2011

Most awesome weekend I think...

Well as I mentioned in the last post, I was off to see Submarine at the film festival on Friday night. It turned out to be totally amazing, earning my first 5 star film rating of the year (and I'm pretty stingy with my ratings...). Basically its the story of a 15 year old boy who falls in love and at the same time has to deal with eccentric parents and life in general. Its set in Wales, and the whole shoot was absolutely stunning to look at. Found out afterwards it was based on a book, which is going in my shopping basket as soon as another Amazon voucher finds its way to me!
Director Richard Ayoade introduced the film then answered questions afterwards - I got to ask him something, which added to my almost uncontrollable excitement (before the film everyone was queueing up all casual and I was actually jumping at one point, such a geek!). Then afterwards we found him in the bar and I got to have an actual conversation, aaah!
He wasn't very chatty but very pleasant all the same :)

On Saturday we decided to be slightly more energetic than usual, so off we went for a carvery lunch then a walk around the woods. Got some gorgeous pics - it was lovely and quiet, a little rainy and cold but not really noticeable once we got going.

We ended up walking a longer path than planned - thot it would bring us round in a circle but it totally didn't, much leg hurt and tiredness came afterwards when we went to see Tangled (again...) and fell asleep thru the first half, oops!

So now its back to another week of work, ugh! Ooh I also have more goodies on eBay til Wednesday, go look!


Thursday, 17 February 2011


I recently realised how long its been since I've been out a good long walk. When I worked part time I was out at least twice a week, walking for miles along the beach and round the 'nice' parts of town, plus I cycled everywhere too. Now where I live it'd be rather dangerous trying to cycle, and I just seem to be at work all the daylight hours. But today I was feeling restless and decided to skip the gym in favour of a long walk with my new camera. I'd say I'm reasonably fit, but I ended up walking further than planned and legs were killing me on the way back, not good!

Found a ruin of a castle at the (very very) far end of the beach - couldn't see a (safe) way of getting up there but there was no-one around so I just snapped away for ages.

Of course I brought Red!

The very far left of that line in the background is where I started, hence the leg hurt!

Attempting a self portrait - wearing the strawberry dress!

Oh, nearly forgot to share my review of Paul. Actually, can sum it up in one word - meh. I mean it wasn't BAD, but compared to the other two (Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead) it sure wasn't as funny as it should have been. In fact Kristen Wiig was the highlight for me, she was as good as ever, but I think the because it was less 'English' than the others it kind of lost some of the charm. However, I always ask myself at the end of a movie 'would I be p*ssed if I'd paid to see this?', and I don't think I would have been. So it didn't meet expectations but it was relatively entertaining.

Now tomorrow night I'm really looking forward to - going to see Submarine at the GFT for the film festival and Richard Ayoade will be there before the show, double triple yay!!!


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Could I be the luckiest person in the world today?

So here's a quick back story to my luck. My sister in law's stepfather recently inherited a house after an elderly relative died (wanna say his aunt...), and he decided to let my brother and sis in law move in. Lucky them. So they were clearing the place out before moving and came across a LOT of old stuff. Namely 2 huge cardboard boxes of vintage curtains and fabric. Guess who just inherited these? Thats right, me! Went round last night to pick them up and had a very old suitcase thrown my way too. I love old lady hoarders now :)
Here's the suitcase. Not in the best condition but just planning on using it for storage, its pretty huge! (thats what she said...grow up Elise!)
And here's some of the fabric! The green stuff was still in its original paper bag, and the pink stuff I pounced on with intentions of making a 50's style dress, weird since, like Alex, I usually have a serious aversion to pink...
Here it is out the bag...
I have a crazy urge to make a cute party dress with these curtains and use one of the frilled tie backs as a belt :P
Gorgeous bit of lace, thinking it could become big sleeves on a blouse?
Must make a summer mini out of this!
And this!

Funnily enough, the only fabric I didn't like was the orange stuff in the bottom right, its pretty gaudy...
Brand new rather old pillow cases! Don't know about anyone else but I like it when my bedcovers and pillows don't quite match, so planning to use these at some point.
Found these curtains still in the original bag - the only shop bought ones in the boxes.
Remember Texstyle World?! They even came with a receipt - from September 1994 (my 9 year old self would not have liked these)

My favourite colour in the world - tempted to restyle this into a 40's suit...

The stash! Its now back in boxes about to get tidied upstairs - can't take it home cause I may be moving again (don't ask) so Mother will be just thrilled to discover she gets to keep it for now.
Love my mum's big ol' kitchen, great for channelling my inner poser.

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