Thursday, 24 March 2011

New clothes!

Had to do some last minute holiday shopping yesterday (only a few hours to go!) so of course I had to pop into some charity shops! Picked up a pile of magazines and this Topshop dress in one shop...
...all for the grand total of £2.20
This H&M 50s style one was £1.50 - its a size 8 and does not like my chestal area but I love it so don't care
Some crop tops and a demim dress from the 10p table - the dress fits me perfect but not sure if I'd actually wear it unless it gets seriously shortened...
LOVE this one - a vintage 70s C&A prairie dress. Its a bit big but I'll make it work :)
And finally a dress and top from M&S clearance for the grand total of £8. Got my mum some awesome tops for Mothers Day - a Per Una long cardi for £8 being the smuggest find!

So I managed to do some packing after much procrastinating last night - look how neat my suitcase is haha!
Got my guide book and holiday reading ready - totally forgot I got this book for my birthday last year so thought it was appropriate!
See y'all in a week!


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Glasgow Monopoly!

On Saturday we decided to do something a little different. Since I'm not great at navigating the city, Sean thought it would be fun to show me more of it. So we got out the Glasgow version of Monopoly and literally made our way round the board/city. Turned out to be a rather fun day! (ok at some points there wasn't a lot there so we cheated and took pics of the street signs - totally allowed!)
The itinery
We brought Sean's flatmate (Michael) Fay to share the experience
And of course Red!

I was trying to take a pic of what appeared to be the scummiest hotel ever and Sean was trying to stop me showing Glasgow in a bad light... He also thinks I say 'scummy' too much... but it perfectly describes where I live!
Red enjoys some typical Glasgow wine
Had to bypass the tour :(

We couldn't find the Irn Bru factory and the road to Auchentoshan was shut, but we got the rest done and squeezed in 2 stuffed crusts at Pizza Hut (fyi, the Pepperoni one is better than the garlic butter one!)

A day well spent I think!

Now its only 2 days til I'm on hols and then its all London, The Script and NEW YORK! So if anyone knows of any must-see spots in the Big Apple please let me know - Sean's mum bought me a guide book but I'm having the hardest time picking out places we have to see. I definately have to visit 30 Rockefeller Centre for the NBC tour, but other than that I'm open to suggestions! Also having a hard time deciding what to pack - last week it managed to be 23c and this week its snowing, aah!


Friday, 18 March 2011

Wee Friday update...

Had a day off yesterday and was going to view a flat at lunchtime - it was in the exact area I want to live but the flat itself turned out to be pretty tragic - even the estate agent said I could do better! Took that as a sign to say no to it, but hopefully something else will come up round there.

On the way back I went into a couple of charity shops. There's a new one thats popped up in a street I dont usually pass, so I went in for a look. It was pretty reasonably priced - got this Laura Ashley tank top for £2 and The Great Gatsby for 75p (gotta read it so I can ruin the movie for myself by nit-picking - I do this way too much, was actually annoyed with myself for doing it during Dawn Treader cause I think it would have been ok otherwise...). I kinda love tank tops but they don't really love me, so gonna try and make this one work!
Went into one of my usual ones next and picked up some magazines for 20p. Also got this months Ideal Home - I like to torture myself with interior mags sometimes :)
So today I'm back at work, Friday's are always mega busy so had tons to do this morning, finally got done bout 2pm and had lunch and read some of my book. Next on the agenda is to do my nails before getting train to Sean's after work - nearly 2 weeks since I've seen him, me and Red are going a bit nuts...
Ooh, thot I'd show you what I'm working on now. I'm learning to use more than one colour when knitting and this pattern is ridiculously easy, so my BFF should have a lovely, non-holey scarf for Christmas!
Happy weekend!


Wednesday, 16 March 2011


...this is what I wore;
Cardi - H&M, rather old
Shirt - Topman £10ish
Blouse - Topshop, years ago
Jeans - Target $8ish
Boots - Converse $65

I seem to love these boots a little too much! Found this duck ring in Matalan sale the other day for £1.75 so had to have it, despite that I once again managed to buy a too big version, faff. Feel like my boobs look annoyingly big in the first pic! Shall blame the camera... :P It decided to snow buckets here yesterday and I couldn't face a whole day in my flat with my unemployed neighbours banging about and yelling at each other so headed to Mother's for some free t'internet and Sky+, gotta love a trip back home!


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A 'new dress' and more movies

So yesterday I had to go into work cause some insurance guy was coming to fix a chip in my car windscreen, and me being dense, thot I was gonna be at work when I made the appointment. However I didn't change it cause I live in scumville and there was every chance some lowlife would see it getting fixed then put a brick thru it ( you think I'm joking...).

Anyway... off I went to work, and did some time-wasting by getting my weekly shop at the neighbouring supermarket and previewing Chalet Girl. Which was tragic. Totally not surprising, altho it started well - some mild swear words were thrown about (not condoning swearing, just find the films I like usually have them!) and the whole female cast were gorge, so I was paying some attention. But somewhere along the line it just became bland and predictable (ok it was always predictable), plus I think Ed Westwick is meant to be a big deal, but I have no clue who he is and he had a rather distracting accent - think somewhere between British and Australian... I gave it 2 stars but in hindsight it really only deserves 1 I think.

Ok, mega long review over, here's what I wore!
Blazer - charity shop £2.50
Cardi - charity shop £2
Pullover - charity shop £1
Blouse - M&S, rather old
Jeans - DP Tall £20ish
Boots - New Look £20
Some close ups - couldn't even begin to guess how often I've worn this blouse...
Kinda love accessorising my pony-tails - if its not a scarf its some kiddy bobbles or a bow clip

Did a quick run to one of my fave charity shops before work - not been there in weeks and was pleased to pick up a few goodies. Found this vintage M&S dressing gown for £2, its so pretty and when I got it home I realised I had one of their nightdresses in the same fabric that I planned to wear as a dress this summer. Which brings me to my point - can this work as a dress? It just seems too pretty to wear as an actual dressing gown, so I added a slip, belt and my new sandals (ignore the tags!) and tested it out. I quite liked it, but would everyone on the street look at me and think 'why is she wearing a nightie out?!'

Close up of the pretty detailing
Also found a couple of pretty 'pony-tail' scarves for 50p each...
...and a cute gingham blouse for £1. Ok now I gotta stop buying summer clothes, seriously this time! Especially since we had a bit of a snowstorm earlier...


Sunday, 13 March 2011

An award!

My first award actually, sent from the lovely Scarlett! (Thank you tons!) Very exciting! I'm gonna stay with Scarlett's logic and nominate blogs I love with under 200 followers, since the rules seem a bit sketchy (and my dongle is playing up, keeps freezing pages...). So here's some of my faves!

I always find something interesting on these blogs and love spending time reading about other peoples lives, think blogging is my new fave hobby!


Friday, 11 March 2011

My new favourite dress

I found this Next dress on my fave £1 rail, but it was a bit longer (frumpier) so the length got swiftly altered and now I kinda love it. It has a total 90s vibe, I've managed to wear it quite a few times but never got round to photographing it til now. I'm doing v casual today, the weather here at Mother's is awful, mega windy, rainy and freezing. Most of today was spent indoor's with our knitting and a v long old movie that Mother did not appreciate but still let me watch, she rocks. It's bizarre how not alike but somehow very alike we are!
Hoodie - Target $7 ish
Cardi - M&S mens £9 sale
Dress - charity shop £1
Socks - H&M
Boots - Converse $65
Can't beat a waist tie - I like to wrap them round and knot them
Trusty boots

Mother's bathroom is rather cute so thought I'd share some pics. The only drawback is that it actually is a bathroom, ie no shower. Drives me nuts, I have no patience for baths, but I do like the decor :)

This shower cap appeared recently. I wish I used one, its too cute!
My v old Shaun the Sheep bubble bath topper and a v old non working fish clock. I remember this came from the 50p shop we had in town, the pre-£1 shop I guess!

Back to work tomorrow, aah!

edit: I watched Hall Pass the other day, not amazing but not as bad as expected, I gave it 2. Chalet Girl next week, sigh...


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Went shopping...oops!

Well here's some pics of my outfit from today - took me forever to get them cause the DSLR just wouldn't focus so had to go back to the standard digi camera, aah! Went shopping with Mother before starting work at 4pm - she may have bought me some goodies, scroll down for more info!
Coat - Long Tall Sally £90 (most I've ever spent on one item of clothing!)
Shirt - M&S £16ish few years ago
Belt - H&M many years ago
Skirt - charity shop 10p
Socks - H&M
Boots - New Look £15
Some close ups - love this belt

So Mother came up to visit and find a pressie for my uncle's 5oth later this month, but we got slightly side-tracked by the M&S sale (got more undies!) and some H&M gift cards my mum got for Xmas. She never shops in there so I dragged her in for a nosy and she managed to find some cardi's, plus she got me some amazing sandals...
Love them! Mother said they were too bright (they also came in black and tan) but I fancied a change and ignored her. Then i tried them on with some summery clothes at home and they are pretty bright! Comfy tho, which helps. Now I gotta stop buying sandals!
Also found this cute vintage cardi on the £1 rail in one of my fave charity shops - I don't usually do pastels but was feeling Spring-y today. Possibly because temperatures here have plummeted again and I had to wear my coat, faff.

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