Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday Randomness...

Well I'm having another weekend at work in order to switch them around on the rota (me and another guy share weekend duties!) since I needed a couple off this month when I was meant to be working. So I thought I'd share some of the randomness floating around in my head, helping me waste time between switching films on...
  • How totally awesome is the new Harry Potter trailer?! Only saw it yesterday cause my net was playing up and I pretty much sat open mouthed thru out - can't wait for July now!
  • Michael Scott (Steve Carell) leaving The Office was ridiculously underwhelming.
  • My friend John sent me this link yesterday - now we finally know what Red is singing! (oh yeah, did I mention he sings? The fact we've spent since January trying to figure out the song when we could have just Googled it makes me feel rather stupid...)

  • Been reading this lady's blog from the start - it's incredibly inspirational and likely has something to do with the 'money saving' seed being planted in my brain!
  • Speaking of, I usually manage not to spend money at the weekend when I'm working, but today it went a little wrong... The power in the staffroom went out at some point, and try as I might, I couldn't get it back on (and was told not to mess about with the fuses - saves me getting electrocuted again I guess!), so that meant the water filter was off and I had to go to the shop for a bottle (I know, I should drink the stuff out the tap, but the work water is not the best). This lead to me buying a Time Out without even thinking about it til an hour later - gah, and I was doing so well!
  • I've finished my book today, so guess I'll just have to faff about on the internet some more!
  • Oh, one last thing, if anyone hasn't seen Thor yet you totally should, I previewed it very early last Sunday morning and somehow stayed awake and engrossed thru out - not entirely sure it wasn't to do with Chris Hemsworth in all his long haired glory tho, bit of a far cry from Summer Bay!
Happy Saturday!


Friday, 29 April 2011

Another award! And today's general news

Today I have another blog award from the awesome Sophie, thanks! I've to name some blogs I think are lovely, so here's a wee list...

There are so many more I love but I've been trying to cut back on my internet time so haven't been reading as much lately!

So, today's thoughts...

The Big Deal of the Day was of course the Royal Wedding. How beautiful was Kate Middleton?! Like even more than usual. Totally not what I expected her to be wearing, but she was very elegant and Grace Kelly-like. I got up at 8am to start watching and kept going til 2pm, when I realised I needed food shopping and a shower...

Speaking of food shopping, the bargains to be found in Tesco were outstanding! Most of what I got was reduced stuff, not sure if they were reducing early cause of the bank holiday today but half the shelves were empty and of what was left in fresh food, about half was marked down - my kinda place!

My fave bread and 2 packs of rolls for freezer at work - 38p for 12!

Got a pack of cheap cut up veg for 38p so made some minimal effort soup when I got home - think it must have cost about 60p for whole pot!

Can't resist new flavours of Pringles, damn! (there may not be many of these left...) Or biscuits, but I was pretty good otherwise!

The Ultimate Spring Clean continues! Only got the living room to do now, altho that involves going thru the book and DVD shelves, second in faffability (an Elise word) only to the bedroom. But I'm pleased to announce that there's now a reasonable amount of space on my clothing rail, yay me!

The 'swinging' clothes rail (well, almost!)

My t-shirt-and-shorts box now newly organised!

My handbags - actually didn't have a lot to start with, I'm not a big bag person, I prefer a few lovely ones that I can rotate - the black and gold one and the tan one were my gran's, so I totally love them.

I'm on a bit of a money saving drive this month - basically I just realised that I didn't actually NEED to spent all/most of my wages every month on buying clothes/sweets/jewellery that I never wear, so from this payday (a week ago) to my next (23rd May) I'm only buying essentials - this being food, travel and any toiletries I need, which is none at the mo! Wish me luck! Altho its been relatively easy so far, maybe cause I've been working more so don't have time for shopping, a good tactic I think!


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Being patriotic (kinda...)

Decided to wear this cute summer dress (eh...vintage nightdress...was too pretty not to take out!) for going out to dinner last night. When I put it on I realised the colours in it were red, white and blue, so I thought I'd go all out and pair it with this H&M cardi from my New York trip. Annoyingly it just looked too casual - altho I think it matched up pretty well so may be a future outfit! Was quite pleased with my hair too - this time I half blow dried it and then put rags in with setting lotion for a few hours. Mind you, it came out perfect but the wind ensured it didn't stay that way, faff!
Cardi - Topshop many years ago
'Dress' - Charity Shop £1
Shoes - H&M £25 (gift!)
Was a bit annoyed these shoes got so scuffed the first time I wore them, so trying to be more careful now (maybe should't have driven in them then...d'oh)
Managed to get to my jewellery box in the Ultimate Spring Clean and rediscovered this ladybug necklace I got last summer - love when this happens!

We ended up having drinks at Sean's folks house before dinner - we nabbed the hammock chair before his sister and her hubbie turned up, as a kid I desperately wanted one of these so was quite happy rocking away with a Bud in my hand and the sun on my cheeks! For dinner we went to Gamba - Sean and I are not big seafood eaters but it turned out to be lovely - the chocoalte and nutella tart helped a bit tho!

Back to work today, ugh. Had to get train into town before 7:30am, was slightly torturous, I am NOT a morning person! Still in my casualwear - like to put off changing into my horrendous work clothes for as long as poss! (our handyman bought me a muffin, and I don't put down chocolate to take pics, hence the prop...)
Vintage coat - Charity Shop £8
Vest - M&S sale £3
Jeans - Target $8
Shoes - F&F via eBay £3ish...
I've kinda been wearing these outfit components a lot lately - but have you ever noticed when you stop wearing shoes with tights in the better weather they start rubbing/hurting your feet? Grr...
I've been back at the eBaying after the spare room got cleared so should have more goodies to share later!


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Ultimate Spring Clean!

Well thru a combination of reading minimalist blogs and the fact my spare room was overflowing with...well, junk, to put it bluntly, I decided it was time to give the whole flat a thorough once over and get rid of anything I don't need. Funnily enough, the spare room took up most of my time yesterday...

Couple of before shots - damn my spacious flat and ability to hoard stuff!
Like for example, why the heck do I have 3 school ties?! The green ones are from primary school for gosh sakes! Well they're gone now, altho I did keep the Prefect badge hehe
In case its not been mentioned before, I'm a huge Hanson fan, and as a kid I collected pretty much everything with their image on it, hence the folder full of...paper...
Can you tell how dedicated I was!
Remember the days when you used to get big sheets of stickers with magazines? Highlight of my week! Anyway all the Hanson stuff is now gone, altho I did keep a little Taylor notepad, which I'll totally use - can't go wrong with keyring sized paper...yeah...
I even filled in one of the books, gawd I was obsessed!
Here's a sneak peek at the tidy bookcase/now shoe rack. Even got rid of some shoes, go Elise!

Tackled half my bedroom today, but heading to Glasgow soon to have dinner with Sean's family, so better begin the tedious job of finding an outfit....


Sunday, 24 April 2011

New goodies in store...

Happy Easter! Hope everyone's had a fun day eating eggs - mine was gone a week ago when my mum gave me it, can't expect chocolate to last this long in my hands!

I'm on a bit of a mission today, kinda asking for some crafty help - I asked my mum to knit me a chunky cardi for my birthday (can't do cable knit yet! Altho a cardi in July does seem a bit of a dim pressie idea...). I found the perfect one here on Fancy Treehouse's blog, but now I gotta find a pattern pretty identical - my mum may be an excellent knitter but she doesn't do faffing with/adjusting patterns, so if anyone finds a link to anything like this please let me know! :)

Ok, now I'll get to the actual point of this post - sharing what goodies I have up for sale on eBay this week! I have...
...and maxi dresses...
...and some frankly mad trousers, among other things!


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Today's outfit and Exciting News!

Just a quick little post today since I'm heading out soon, plus I've been working all week and really have nothing much to report! (Unless you wanna know how many stars I gave Arthur? 3, bumped up slightly by the cutesy ending :P) Today I'm at Mother's, had a plan to do some mending but the afternoon turned into a waste-time-online kinda day, altho I did find a great site about minimalism called Miss Minimalist, makes for interesting reading!

Anyway, on to my outfit! (yes I'm holding a nail file for some reason...)
Cardi - M&S Outlet £8ish...
Vintage blouse - Charity Shop £1
Vintage M&S skirt - Charity Shop £2
Wedges - Topshop £65 (gift!)
I've had this necklace for many years - it started life as a keyring given to me by my first boyfriend's parents, but since I have a tendancy to break/lose keyrings it got turned into my fave necklace ever :)
Yes, the Topshop wedges again! You may be seeing a lot more of these, best shoes EVER!

So remember last week I had a secret that I couldn't tell anyone (cause I found out by accident and no-one knew I knew except my mum!)? Well I can tell now! My wee brother and his girlfriend got engaged on Wednesday, her 21st birthday, yay! Tonight her family is having a party for her birthday that's now kinda morphed into an engagement party, so I'm heading to that then we're pubbing it, exciting Friday night for a change!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011


This is a post about the random thoughts swirling around in my head at this point in time. So just go with it :)

  • Why the hell is it so hard for a store with a tall range to stock ONE PAIR of flared jeans? These are NOT flared, no matter what the description may be. Atho they did fit so darn perfectly I nearly kept them...
  • Its been a month since I asked and still my brother has not downloaded my requested songlist. If I have to live without this song on my iPod much longer I may go as nuts as she is...
  • Sudoku is an awesome time waster
  • Why don't more people watch the amazing Parks and Recreation? I need someone else to discuss plot twists with!
  • I've been reading this blog from the start and I'm nearly caught up - this girl deserves some major credit, no shopping for a whole year?!
  • Is it wrong that I love being at work more than at home? Or that I barely care that my spare room has been turning into a junk room cause I've been working too much to sort stuff for eBay?
  • I wanna go on holiday again. Like, now...
  • Oh, this song too - I kinda love Tina Majorino...
  • Gotta get more stuff on my Day Zero list - 56 ambitions is not enough!
Ended up working tonight cause our cover girl wanted to finish her dissertation - that'll make my shifts this week 37 hours in 3 days (yay...) but I'm mostly seeing £££ signs and a chance to pinch some laptop electricity.... Oh and type random thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, 18 April 2011

Quizzing and posing...

Happy post weekend! Mine was rather fun, starting with the pub quiz on Thursday night (which we lost by 1 POINT, we were beyond p*ssed, esp since we changed an answer to the wrong one, grr).
Red came along as usual
Moffat had his hair cut! He looks quite respectable now :P
It all started so well... (yes that is my messy scrawl, I'm the answer recorder of the group!)

Friday was spend working a full day then it was off to Glasgow on Saturday for some Sean time - we saw Your Highness (pretty funny, some great one liners), went to Frankie and Bennys and then to a comedy club in the West End, where we sat near the back to avoid being heckled - it worked! Sunday we went to Sean's parents to watch the football then pranced around in their garden taking pictures (they were in Ireland btw so I don't look like a crazy in-law quite yet!). Here's some highlights...

I'm wearing that dress I mended the other day with an M&S cardi, my new H&M shoes (their first outing!) and a giant Tie Rack scarf found in a charity shop last year for 50p :) The rest of the day was spent in a fab restaurant eating giant bean burgers and cake, then falling asleep in front of the tv post shower. Good weekend I reckon!


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Things I love

I've been tagged again! This time by Sophie at Country Girl Does Norfolk, I've to list 10 things I love and tag 10 other bloggers. Since I just tagged a bunch of folks the other day I'm gonna cheat a bit and open it up to everyone who fancies a go, also I'm nosy and would love to see everyone's answers!
Absolute top is of course my mum. She's totally awesome. She also hates having her picture taken so this is the best one I could find...
Sean - he's pretty cute and tall and has ambitions and cool friends and knows about the news.
My laptop, God I dunno how I'd cope without it, its on almost every day (oh and my sometimes crappy mobile internet, v handy wee thing)
My iPod Nano. Best. Present. Ever. I actually always make sure I have enough money in my account so I could replace it straight away if anything happened to it, I'm that attached.
Cutie (age 18ish...) and Red (age a few months...)
Pasta. Man I could eat pasta every day and be happy forever.
My job (altho this is actually from a cinema I covered in last summer, cant seem to find pics of mine) The black box in the middle is the digital projector, which is about to make most of my 'special skills' obsolete...
Chips chips chips! And giant fritters and brown sauce. Heart attack heaven :)
Vintage clothes
And... Converse! One of very few things I'm a brand snob about (the other main thing is sports clothes/trainers, don't like the cheap stuff!)


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