Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Plain and simple

Just a quick little outfit post - sat down for 10 mins after being in since 10am and turns out I've been handed more work to do, aah! Plus I jammed my finger in a film mover - deep breaths Elise....

So anyway, this is what I wore yesterday to get some work done in flat and to go shopping with Mother. It was another funny kind of day, not quite cold but still windy, so went for jeans and a light top. I've had these jeans for years and they're my perfect style - however they're on the way out so DP better come up with something good to replace them!
Handknit cardi - charity shop £2
Vintage blouse - charity shop 10p
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins £5 sale
Vintage sandals - charity shop £3
Necklace - remade from Topshop earrings
This was the first time I wore these sandals after finding them in the winter - I dont really do sandals, I have a thing about bare feet, feel like my feet are too close to the ground with sandals on! These may look comfy but they absolutely murdered my feet, gotta give them few days in Converse to heal now!


Friday, 27 May 2011

Today I've been mostly...

...giggling at this Twilight Eclipse review found by a Total Film writer...
...eating the best donuts in the world - only to be found very early morning in my hometown!
...having a nutritious lunch...
...sewing a pretty new dress out of a giant vintage 10p duvet cover...
...attempting to watch what turned out to be a pretty tragic batch of rentals this week...
...updating my iTunes - I now have new Adele, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga and Pink music - emotional heaven!

(just to warn you guys, you may be waiting a few weeks to see the finished dress - got most of it made up today but forgot to bring the buttons, doh!)


Thursday, 26 May 2011

An outfit and some randomness

Well the car is finally in the garage and I'm hanging out at Mother's for a few days. This means unlimited internet and some sewing time - happy Elise! Bring on the laptop headache I say!

Today's outfit is a mish mash of randomness that I grabbed from my wardrobe while attempting a quick pack last night, not totally sure where my head was at, altho in the life of my clothes I say denim shirts, hoodies, Converse and florals go with EVERYTHING, and especially each other.
30 Rock Hoodie - NBC Store $50
Denim shirt - Topman, gift
Vintage dress - handmade by me many years ago
Tights - That Store I Hate (primark!) £2
Converse - birthday pressie

Hopefully there's some 30 Rock fans out there to appreciate this!
Was a bit of a pressie to myself on the March New York trip :)
Anyone remember these dummy necklaces?! This may be one of the oldest things I own, I remember being desperate for a dummy charm and my gran buying me these at the newsagents after school - daft some of the things that stand out in my mind from childhood!
I pop into Primark once or twice a year for 'interesting' cheap tights - starting to think this is a bit of a false economy... I go there cause I'm forever laddering non opaque tights but the quality of these are so bad I think that's WHY I'm laddering them!
Picked up more knitting patterns at the charity shop earlier - I'm getting a bit obsessed! Altho good news - I've finally picked a cardi for Mother to knit for my birthday - the undecisiveness had gone on too long! So in just over 2 months I should be the proud owner of the oversize cardi on the top left, yay! I also intend to knit myself that elephant cardi - totally in love with it!
Oh and my mum has Rio kitchen roll. Pretty awesome, dontcha think?


Friday, 20 May 2011

Not my fault!

Well I nearly lasted til payday without spending money, but I had to go on a search for a knitting pattern yesterday and ended up in a few charity shops... Oops... On the bright side I dont think I even spend £2, so bonus! :) Here's my shopping casualwear...

Tie Rack scarf - charity shop 50p
Mens jumper - H&M £5
Mens trousers - charity shop 10p
F&F shoes - ebay £3ish
Best shoes bought without trying on!
So while on the knitting pattern search I stumbled upon these awesome vintage M&S shorts rolled up in a heap of swimsuits. A size too big, but for 50p I'll happily wear a belt!
Found this on the 10p table, vintage BHS - once the shoulder pads are out I may like it more... :)

Just a quick post today - I'm off to my first hen night soon, cowboy themed. God I'm cringing already, think I'll be drinking pretty quickly!


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Messing about

Snapped some outfit pics when I got back from date night in Glasgow last night (on the train ride home I had to endure drunken 50 somethings shouting about using protection and things being, eh, up...gah) Anyway, I was messing about on Picnik earlier and edited them a bit different from usual - enjoy!
Vintage coat - charity shop £10
Top - H&M sale ages ago
Vintage scarf - £1
Trousers - Topshop Tall
Vintage M&S heels - charity shop £3
I heart these trousers - feel instantly smart and pretty when I put them on, haha!
Love this casual stud vest too, just goes with everything
Love love these shoes too, was so pleased to find vintage shoes in my size! Screw it, I'm just in love with this whole outfit!

So for Date Night, we went to see Insidious (only thing we've not seen!), it was pretty stupid but not totally tragic! Then we had a quick trip to Frankie and Bennys - walked in as most others were leaving, dont think we were too popular! I had to get back earlyish since today my longest shift ever was on the cards - started at 9am to preview Pirates 4 (meh) and since the distributer's decided we'd be playing a late show (we NEVER play late shows) I'm finishing at...quarter past midnight. Great. Bright side, I'm off tomorrow and my payslip for this month looks suspiciously good, so not complaining!

Ooh, anyone seen Take Me Home Tonight with Topher Grace? Its on my weekend plans!


Monday, 16 May 2011

Ugh, mechanical objects hate me...

The past 3 days have not went well - on Saturday, the sound in Screen 3 went crackly and boss had to come down and switch some wires and faff about to fix it. Then on Sunday the lamp in Screen 1 blew (quite a big deal in projection) and we had to cancel 2 shows and spend ages working out how to fix it. Boss was down again, completely unimpressed. And THEN I had a much longed for day off today, had to go to Mother's since I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I got home and decided to pop to Asda to get rolls for dinner. Bit of background info here, my car has died twice in past few weeks and had to be jump started by kind strangers. Sure you can see where this is going... Yup, it died again today, stalled as I was pulling into a space in Asda, aaah! So long story short, my brother's friends tried to get it going, wasn't happening, so uncle picked it up and is now trying to fix it. Think I should go back to the good old days of candlelight and horse and carts!

However, I did finally get my friend's scarf and mittens finished at the weekend - now trying to decide if it should be a birthday pressie (mid July!) or saved for Christmas...
Here's today's outfit - and I'm back in tights! Have to say, one of my pet hates is seeing ladies wearing black tights in mid summer (makes me overheat!), but I decided lighter ones on a horrible, rainy cold day was ok! (side note - the colours went a bit weird when I was cropping the pics so maybe just squint!)
Handmade hat - charity shop 50p
Vintage cardi - charity shop £1
Dress - Debenhams £20 aaages ago
Tights - DP sale
H&M shoes - charity shop £4.99
I also wore a lace body underneath from Topshop Tall for some added heat! And style of course :)
When I first got this dress I just lived in it, its one of my faves cause it works for every occasion, can't believe this is the first time I'm blogging about it!
And of course the H&M shoes that kill my toes but I just love them cause they go with everything - totally worth it I say!


Friday, 13 May 2011

Yesterday...was unusually productive...

...oh, except when Blogger had a breakdown of course! But yeah, the rest of my day went rather well. I mean, I got dressed for a start, that's always an accomplishment on a day off!
Cardi - H&M $13
Vintage dress - Charity shop £2ish
Shoes - Topshop, v old!
Bag - Topshop £18 few years ago
Belt - Target $3
Totally love these shoes but they're really FLAT, if that makes sense!
STILL on red white and blue, oops!

So when you have a day off and are armed with a sewing machine...
...an old duvet cover...
...and a vintage sewing pattern, what do you do? Make a random skirt of course!

Annoyingly I had a better pic but the computer wiped it again - its started randomly doing this when I'm importing them, dunno what's going on. Was quite pleased with how easy the skirt made up, was rather drama free for a change, altho the size was for a 26.5 inch waist, I'm prob about 27/28 but when I joined the skirt back and front together it was rather massive, so had to take it in bout 3 times!
These guys are my fave :D

I watched You Again and Highlander while sewing - Highlander was recommended by Sean and his pal, and it was one of the worst acted, most hilariously fun films I've ever seen! Sean Connery played an Egyptian allegedly, of course he still sounded more Scottish than I do - I love hearing that man not even attempting an accent! You Again did exactly what it said on the tin, dunno how it ended up in my rental list, must have been the allure of the legendary Betty White!


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mad weekend

Apologies for the lack of posting, I've not really been feeling much inspiration of late. However I had a lovely packed weekend spent with all my fave people (not enough time with Mother, but I'm seeing her Thur/Fri, yay!) and in all my fave places - home, friends houses, Sean's home and the cinema! So here's how it went down...
My lovely bro is now 22 and still tormenting his awesome fiance
We got rather wasted and I found a duck stress ball I bought my brother in Boston a few years ago. It made me very excited, hyper and shouty.
I re-met my one of my brother's friends who I immediately decided was a wrestler/guitarist. He's not. Was slightly gutted.
I found a toy car. On a PLUG. Loving it.
We spread the word of Retarded Five. Just do as you see and soon it will take over the world.
We ate a lot of BBQ food over 2 days. It was pretty darn awesome overall.

We also saw Cedar Rapids (incredibly boring) and Rio 3D - finally! (goodish, but far too many chatty wee ones in the audience - I can't be doing with talking during a film!) And I finally saw Psycho and Cool Hand Luke, both being rather awesome.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Such a lovely day...

Woke up yesterday with mega back pain - so being me, decided to go to the gym on painkillers, despite that I could hardly move. Surprisingly, this tactic worked! Don't worry, I did check it was ok to run with back pain first, but apparently its better to do that than sit or lie in bed, takes pressure off or something. Anyway I ran 2.5 miles without stopping, my personal best! Then today I was a bit achey (sp?) round the butt area thanks to my effort, so went a nice long walk down the beach instead.
Isn't it pretty? :)
Was testing my camera skills!
Going for warm enough but practical for the walk! Felt I didn't need a coat since it was so nice out, so wore a chunky cardi instead to shield me from the wind somewhat.
Handmade cardi - Car boot sale £3
Jumper - Charity shop £1
Jeans - Target $8
Converse - gift
Scarf - Charity shop £1
This vintage scarf is all hand embroidered, so pretty!

Spent the rest of the day being rather productive - showered, curled hair, wrapped ebay stuff, sorted books (the spring cleaning is almost done!) and....I baked! Madness for me! Hehe. Started off as lady fingers (cause thats all I had ingredients for...) and didnt quite go as planned so I chucked in some coconut and more flour and out came....eh, coconut biscuits! Yeah, totally what I meant to do really...
Date night with Sean tonight - sometimes we meet at a cinema half way during the week to catch up, quite excited, gotta go get glam!

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