Monday, 28 November 2011

The screams of an adolescent 26 year old...

Well Friday was a very exciting day for me - I got to see Hanson again!  Yes they finally came back to Scotland, although they played Edinburgh this time, which for me involved buses, trains and over 4 hours travelling (eh total, not each way, I'm not that insane!) but it was totally worth it, they were as amazing as ever.  I didn't get many pics, my compact camera sucks big time (don't ever buy things off your brother without questioning why he wants rid of it...) but there's a few at the bottom of the post.

Here's what I wore for Faff Screamfest 2011 - I was going for concert cool with public transport warmth!
M&S cardi - charity shop
Next dress - charity shop
Belt - H&M
Boots - Converse

Necklace - remade from keyring

 Feel free to tell me to takes these boots the hell off...they're so handy tho!

Love that last one!

As you can see the guys are all somehow getting even more beautiful with age - Zac had longer hair again and it was all 70s flicky, so yummy!  I did manage to stand behind the only tall guy there tho so had to cunningly edge my way to the side hehe.  There was also a lovely chav behind me requesting songs - I know I shouldn't judge on appearance/neddy Scots voice, but he made me laugh, it's good to know Hanson fans now span all age and gender!

I also managed to preview 2 films the same day - My Week with Marilyn, which was stuffed full of the most gorgeous costumes and was actually rather entertaining, altho if the movie is anything to go by, Ms Monroe was one hell of an emotional wreck!  I didn't much like Michelle Williams as the title character - aside from the fact she looks precisely nothing like Marilyn, she's just not an actress I'm particularly fond of....  which put me off the real Marilyn a bit....  However the same thing happened when I watched Cate Blanchett play Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator - I quite believe KH was that annoying in real life but I now can't stand either of them!

I also saw 50/50, a cancer 'comedy' with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen.  Yeah... it wasn't much fun, considering the cast - there were a few laughs but it was overall depressing, altho I never for a second thought he would die at the end.  Eh, I'm not saying that happens or doesn't, it just didn't seem like that's where they were going with it!

Anyone agree with my reviews? 


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lets all thank the God of footwear....

...or Converse, more accurately, for making these awesome boots that I've barely taken off my feet since finding them in an outlet store in America last year.  They work great for our horrid rainy Scottish winters - I've only fallen once while wearing them! (but I also fell while wearing my snow boots, so don't think this really counts...)  Since the weather only took a turn for the worse yesterday, this outfit from last week was a bit less covered up than I've been lately.  It did give me an excuse to wear my new Topshop polka dot tights - found on sale for £1, more importantly in MY SIZE, this never happens!
Shirt - Topman
H&M dress - charity shop
Tights - Topshop
Socks - Target
Boots - Converse

Blue scarf - charity shop
Cashmere scarf - M&S
Cardigan - Handmade by Mother
I did have to layer things up a bit when getting the bus to Mothers, so my fave scarves of the moment plus my fave cardigan went on over the top!

Anyone fighting the horrible weather this weekend or just letting it happen and staying indoors?  I'm working and on the verge of getting a cold, so definitely the latter for me!


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Vintage winter...

I love when it gets cold enough to dig out the winter clothes again!  Found this dress last year for 10p (!!!) and its a great staple.  Only problem is it's a size gigantic without the belt - actually just wondering why I've not attacked it with my sewing machine... meh, it's easier this way, plus I rather like an excuse to wear this belt!
Dress - charity shop
Belt - charity shop
Shoes - Minnetonka

I've had this hedgehog necklace for longer than I can remember - for once I'm ahead of a trend since I saw an identical one in Topshop the other day!
These bracelets are from an H&M set purchased years ago - all my jewellery is so old, it's not something I really shop for.  Anyone else have these weird gaps in their wardrobe?!

Love the soft feel of this belt.  I also have my mind set on a studded waist one, have been surfing eBay all week!

Right now I'm sitting in the semi dark in front of the gas fire listening to a storm outside - I'm covering a shift at work later, don't start til 7pm but wishing I'd said no now!


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Soaked on Sunday...

Yes that's right, today it started raining here again and I got soaked walking home from church.  Yay.  Plus side, it was the way home and not the way there, it was lovely when I left the house!  I went to the church in my home town for the first time in years and turned out I was the youngest one quite a few years - a lot of my school friends parents were there tho so was a bit of a step back in time!

The pics were taken post bath-while-drying-clothes-on radiator and pre Mother-getting-us-Chinese-for-dinner...  I'm pretty good at Sundays!  Also spent some time on a fun blog project I'll be unveiling this space!
Principles jacket - charity shop
M&S sweater - charity shop
H&M skirt - charity shop
Heels - M&S Outlet

This skirt was sitting in my sewing pile for aaaages waiting for a zip replacement, which I finally got round to doing a few weeks ago.  So glad to have it back, it's rather versatile for winter with tights and boots or a cute top and heels.  

Mother has Strictly on again (I swear this torture will never end...) so I have the tunes on while I wait for Il Divo's alleged appearance - much better than the usual screeching I have to listen to on Saturday nights! 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!


Saturday, 19 November 2011

My dirty little secret...

I was having a bit of a wardrobe flashback moment the other day and opted for a bit of a layered tshirt look with my traditional jeans and Converse.  A few years ago I basically spent my life in a white long sleeve top with a fun tshirt over it.  I had a whole pile of fun tshirts.  It was a simpler time... But gradually my style evolved yet again and I now spend most of my life in skirts and dresses - I do find it fun to revisit the tried and tested looks sometimes tho ;)
White tshirt - Target
Doodgie Howser tshirt - NBC Store
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Tall
Converse - gift

 I have a secret to share which I'm sure some of you will appreciate.  Sometimes when I wear boots or trainers...
... I like to wear bright fun novelty socks underneath!
 This pair (and indeed all my others) came to me courtesy of Mother, who thinks it's fun to present me with ridiculous footwear.  Which it totally is.
This picture really has no relevance to anything other than the fact I got very excited when I found these in Asda the other day.  Beans with VEGETARIAN sausages?!  My diet is expanding every day, can't wait to try them, just gotta buy some bread...


Friday, 18 November 2011

A responsible adult... who helps stamp out consumerism apparently, since this outfit was completely (inadvertently) second hand, yeah!  I wore it to go view a flat the other night, which I later decided to take, so as of 27th December I'll have my third address in a year...  I'm not on the run, honest!  In actual fact, the new place is a townhouse on the river, I'll be sharing with a guy but have the whole bottom floor to myself - my own bedroom, shower room, living room and utility room, all at a price I just couldn't say no to, rather looking forward to moving this time, especially now the Great Declutter has taken care of a lot of my possessions (more on this in the future!).
Cardi - charity shop
H&M blouse - charity shop
Skirt - charity shop
F&F loafers - eBay

I found the cardi a few weeks ago - my size, wool and with long enough sleeves all for £1.50, sold!

I spent a good part of the day watching Downton Abbey - I'm hopelessly in love with Mr Bates, the man of my dreams will be as romantic as him or I'll die alone!  Pah - I'll probably die alone given my tendacy to dramatics actually....

I also got in a fight with Lappy earlier over it's refusal to download the new Snow Patrol album from Amazon to iTunes, but I got there eventually and it's now playing their lovely music to me.  Amazon are doing the album download for only £3.99 (!!!) this week, go get it!  I fell in love with 'This isn't everything you are' a few weeks ago but the other songs sound promising...


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

50s plaid and cashmere...

I was in a bit of a 1950s mindset the other day when I got dressed - plus it hadn't reached the ridiculously cold stage up here either so I had fun dressing up without a cardigan for a change!  I found this skirt in a charity shop in the summer - it started off being a size gigantic but a quick collision with my sewing machine and it fits perfectly, I can't wait to wear it with a petticoat and twirl properly!
Vintage coat - charity shop
Scarf - charity shop
Sweater - charity shop
Skirt - charity shop
Boots - M&S

My coat is a gorgeous cashmere one from my fave charity shop last year, and at a mere £8 it's been one of my best bargains.  And my fab boots from my beloved M&S, with socks and tights and slips... ah I heart Winter!  Although today did take a turn for the cold, my hands were not loving the walk to the shops earlier, and my feet are still a bit numb.

Is everyone watching Pan Am?  Mother and I are sitting in front of it as I type and she knits (my Christmas pressie!), I'm loving watching it again!  Someone asked in the last post where I get my tv shows - my friend downloads just about every US tv show going, so I just watch what I want from her hard drive, it's rather handy but I have no idea how she does it, I'm a bit computer illiterate about these things, sigh...


Monday, 14 November 2011

A wee update...

sleeping in with Red and pjs that kinda match my duvet...

looking weirdly defiant about going to the gym...

the now-almost-weekly 'Elise lives up to her Faff name' results...
Let's see, what's been happening in the world of Faff?  I'm gonna use good old fashioned bullet points to lay this out I think....
  • Probably the most important change to my life is that I'm now single again.  No 'aaww's tho, it was a mutual decision and definitely the right one.
  • It may be down to the clocks changing but I just cant seem to get enough sleep - if I don't set my alarm I wake up around 11am, not good!
  • In actual fact if I do set my alarm I still don't get up on time - but I'm somehow never late for work, must be pedalling faster than I thought!
  • Oh yes, I've been riding my bike more, and going to the gym with more frequency.  Totally have yet another running injury tho, the magic shoes are not doing their job!
  • After coming back from Yorkshire, I still had nearly 2 weeks off work.  I did precisely NOTHING. Which did nothing to help my procrastination tendancies.
  • However, a mere 2 days back at work and I side fell off a plinth and cut my leg.  And ripped my tights, which I was more upset about until I got back from buying a new pair and found I'd rather damaged myself... sigh, Faff strikes again...
  • I've been slightly resting the leg by powering thru my ER boxset (just finished season 3!) and watching too many environmental documentaries from LoveFilm - the future does not look good people!
  • Mhairi (my BFF in Yorkshire) has also given me Downton Abbey to watch, I smell a new obsession...
  • In fact, speaking of TV love, this season I've fallen totally in love with Pan Am, Up all Night and Once Upon a Time - do check them out, I very nearly talked myself into being a stewardess (before remembering that I hate customers and actually adore my solitary job and flat!)
  • All the tv watching has done nothing to curb my appetite for yummy 'movie' food - but it's totally fine, I eat crisps INSTEAD of lunch, think I actually save calories... ;)
  • But yeah, this might explain my ability to sleep for 10 straight hours...not something I was ever particularly gifted at...
  • It's all good tho, when I wake up I do so slowly, by playing Jewels on my phone.  Yup, after nearly a year I worked out how to download apps - only have a game, cinema times, IMDB and Facebook, but I'll get there...

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lazy day Sunday...

...except I've totally not been lazy, I've actually been rather productive!  Just spent the past 4 hours fighting with eBay (when will I learn...) but eventually managed to get some listings up, woohoo!  I also made it to Tesco, epilated my legs and even got some outfit pics, go me :)
Cardi - H&M
Tshirt - charity shop
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Tall (many moons ago, as you can tell!)
Converse - gift
Scarf - charity shop

 No my tshirt is not stained (yet...) , my lense appears to have a mark on it, it's been driving me nuts!

I was doing my usual Scruffy Sunday outfit but with a bit of glamour in my ponytail - it's the kind of day where I can just about manage make up but not tights...

Has anyone around here done anything fun this weekend?  I realise I've been MIA a bit lately so I'm putting together a wee update post for this week, gotta get some sleep now tho, g'night!

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