Sunday, 22 January 2012

Charity shop bargains...

Vintage M&S wool coat - £3

Camera case - £1.50

Belt - £1
Gold necklace - £2
Silver chain - £1.50

90s M&S rugby top - £1
M&S leopard top - £1

New Principles zip top - £2.50

Vintage M&S kilt - £2

BHS jersey skirt - £2

Vintage Jaegar skirt - £1

Some super bargains from Friday's shopping trip!  The Jaegar skirt is my ultimate fave - in fact I saw it in the shop before Xmas for a whopping £8, but it was a bit discoloured so I didn't think it was worth it - for £1 it's a different story!  It's a vintage size 8 tho so I can't really breathe in it, gonna experiment with moving the waistband a bit...  In fact everything was a slight mish mash of sizes so I'll have some sewing to do this week!



  1. such a brilliant load of buys. I love the kilt and jaeger skirt x

  2. Amazing finds; I really love the wool coat!

  3. What great finds, the pricing puts to shame the charity shops back at home where i'm from!

  4. I love that coat and the purple skirt!! Great bargains.

  5. wow you did get some super bargains! Love a bit of leopard print - thumbs up from me :o) Scarlett x


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