Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dress up Saturday...

Dress - Matalan (here in polka dot!)
Tights - F&F Tesco
Heels - New Look

Necklace - Accessorize

So I was standing in front of my wardrobe after showering yesterday, full of the cold and generally feeling a bit...faff... and it occurred to me I hadn't 'dressed up' in ages!  Because of the total rubbish weather and being at work more lately, I seem to just have been living in my default jeans and Converse combo.  It's so easy though, everything goes with Converse!  Plus I don't really go anywhere if it's the slightest bit windy (and it's ALWAYS windy here, worse luck) and making an effort just for myself seems a bit pathetic ;)  But never fear, I have reverted back to Dressed Up Elise now!  

I'm spending the weekend at Mother's - as you can see I've been very productive and am faffing a bit with the blog design/layout, gotta live up to my name after all!  I'm also faffing with finding a place to take pics in the new flat - these were done in front of my wardrobe with the tripod next to the bed, seems to be the lightest place I've found so far, the whole place is rather dark I'm afraid.  Today some sewing was done, the alteration pile was getting out of hand so I watched Love Film online and got to work!

Speaking of movies, I previewed War Horse last week and can thoroughly recommend it - although admittedly going into it I thought it may be a bit of a kids movie, but it is NOT, don't let that 12A certificate fool you, it was one horrific, emotional story - the 'War' of the title very much lives up to it's name!  However it's so well made and moving, another Spielberg masterpiece.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend - just realised last night the Golden Globes are on E! tonight (Red Carpet from 11pm!!!) so I'm gonna see how late I can stay up - 4am is totally do-able right? 



  1. Wow I'd have thought that dress was vintage for sure!! Lovely, and lovely tights and shoes too!!

    Do you use your DSLR to take your pics? Can I ask some advice (I'm going to anyway)? When I've tried to use mine on the tripod, I've sort of pressed the button lightly to focus it, but it focuses on the wall so when I'm in shot I'm blurred ... is there some kind of auto focus button I haven't thought of? Not sure if you can help but worth a try as you're never blurred!! xxx

  2. Foofing and faffing all in one week? Girl living up to the blog name! Lovely dress - your legs look amazers in it! x

  3. oh what a supercute outfit darling! i love this turquoise dress and the pollka dot tights! so cute!

  4. Elise, once again a gorgeous outfit, you look lovely all dressed up :-) I'm loving the turquoise too. Enjoy the Golden Globes

  5. Lovely outfit, that colour green really suits you

  6. love that dress, the colour is gorgeous and woo for polka dot tights x

  7. But... war... and horses? Steve's keen to see it but I'm totally unconvinced. :/

    Yay for blog fiddling! Liking the simplicity!

  8. I love this outfit, the dress is gorgeous and you look so elegant.
    I'm taking my Mum to see War Horse tomorrow and I saw The Artist yesterday- it's a good month for cinema :)

  9. Liking the new look, and the colour of the dress is lovely! X

  10. you look as sexy as ever xxxxx

  11. Absolutely lovely dress! You look faboulus! And I love your necklace, you can feel like globetrotter :)


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