Thursday, 26 January 2012

Family Flashbacks - 80s

Well here's where it gets interesting!  I couldn't find a lot of early 80s pics in Mother's collection, so these are all post 1985, aka birth of Faff.  Some were a real trip down memory a very cringey way!  
 On the bright side, at least we know I was always a poser of sorts...
 LOVE this tshirt - I had a lot of Disney in my wardrobe judging by the outtakes.
 This is one of my faves and totally sums up my childhood - eating scones with Neighbours on the tv (lunchtime one of course!) and at least one stuffed toy or doll within reach.  All done with cute slippers on.  I still love slippers and hardly ever wear shoes in the house.
 Found quite a collection of dress pictures - I'd totally wear the blue one now ;)
 And an absolute buttload of matching outfits!  Seriously, if you could see the entire collection of photo albums, at least my pre age 10 outfits seem to be matching sets!  Maybe my mum had issues...  I remember adoring the green skirt though, wish I had it in adult size!
 I'm certain this wasn't the only one of these 'dresses' I had - the highlight of the pic has to be the ridiculously tanned lady in the back tho
 Here's Mother in some bright tones - can you tell what decade we're in? ;)
More matching, sigh...but I do kinda like Mother's florals
 Now it gets slightly horrific - what is this monstrosity?!  Shiny puffy white stuff disguised as a jacket...this must have been pre Regatta or something, there is no other excuse.
Mind you, my auntie could give me a run for my money in the dodgy outfit stakes - a matching knit skirt and jumper in an unpleasant two tone shade.  Someone obviously thought she'd look less daft if they tied a random ribbon round my head...  I think she still wins.




  1. Aww cute photographs, how I remember watching the lunchtime edition of Neighbours at my grans when my mum was at work. Those were the days!

  2. Love this post! You're so like your Mum. Ohh, I had a few of those 'tassle dresses' from the Costas back in the day, and a couple of flamenco style ones too!

    Is it weird that I totally remember that blouse of Helen Daniels'?

  3. Awwwwww! At least you were little enough that you couldn't object! I was old enough that I should have known better.

  4. I love looking back at past fashions, I sure have got quite a few cringe worthy ones in my own collection! I was HUGE on Disney, I owned so many Minnie Mouse t-shirts/jumpers/pj’s this really does take me back xxx


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