Friday, 13 January 2012

Florals and denim...

Shirt - Topman
Top - Long Tall Sally
Shorts - Matalan
Shoes - Converse

Here's yesterday's outfit, cute and casual I reckon, I had to go to work to do an assessment (which I passed with the highest score on our team, yay!  Hardly surprising tho since I'm the only one on our team to do any work... ;)).  Later on I had a meeting with our regional Scouts manager about joining them - they decided to place me with the Cubs so from next week I'll be a trainee leader of 24 8-10 year olds, eeek!  I'm also dealing with a pretty bad cold, passed to me from my best friend I think, but he's bearing the brunt of my whining rather well - when I'm ill the rules are I'm allowed to eat chippy dinners and moan constantly, just exercising my human rights!



  1. loving you in tights babe xxxxx,how about that little kidnap then xxx

  2. Love the converse with this outfit. Just got my first pair for Christmas. Need a while to get used to them though.. My feet look so loooong. Ha.


  3. Oh yay, another floral and denim fan!

  4. I've been off work with a mega cold this week and it is like wildfire at work just now! Love the cord shorts - super cute!


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