Saturday, 7 January 2012

New jeans and diary writing...

So remember a few weeks ago I was moaning about Dorothy Perkins shifting their Tall range to online only?  I actually got a reply from them - as predicted by a few readers, it was a rather lame one.  They said they've passed me email on to their buyers (regarding my small issue with their range and size availability) and said if I went in store they 'will be happy to assist you in finding suitable garments.'  Eh, the point of my email was that their stores didn't stock 'suitable garments'!  Sake....  So I turned to my other option - Topshop.  Man I love Topshop.  These jeans were reduced to £25 and they have STARS on them!  Admittedly they may be a bit hard to pull off in July, and the size is a bit strange so I need a belt, but I rather love them - win!
Cardi - M&S Blue Harbour 
Grey vest - M&S
White vest - Topshop Tall
Jeans - Topshop Tall
Boots - M&S
Necklace - Accessorize
(can you tell what my favourite shops are?!)

I also decided to start keeping a diary again this year (mine is from WH Smith), which I dug out last night along with my latest book obsessions - 'Green is the new Black' was so good, and 'I, Partridge' has me in fits already (my best friend got me it then started reading his copy at Christmas, so I'm trying to catch up!)
Last year's diary was pretty much only used to write my movie list...
...and store notes my best friend left the odd time he worked at our site - doesn't he have the most irritatingly neatest handwriting ever?!
In fact we were having a bit of a catch up last night and trying to remember when it was we saw some random movie - when I got home I just referred back to Diary 2009 and found the info!  It's slightly spurred me on to try and keep up with it this year - I don't generally go back and read the ones I've managed to fill in, but it's nice to look up info and reminisce once in a while!

Does anyone else keep a diary and have any tips for a non writer?  I sense a few days will only extend to 'Today I showered and watched DVDs.  All day.  The end.'

p.s. Char is also attempting the diary writing this year, so feel free to encourage her too!



  1. Love the jeans! I can't remember the last time I went in Topshop... might have to give them another try...

  2. Hmm what exactly are the DP staff going to point you towards? A skirt? That's not the point when what you want is a pair of trousers but they're all half-mast! Grr. I'm sick of everyone whinging on about how clothes are all made for girls of supermodel proportions when they're clearly NOT.

    Ahem anyway. No I can never keep up a diary but Alex's recent post listing all the things she'd done last year made me at least want to record those sorts of things in my general diary - thinking back I can't remember anything I went to see at the cinema apart from Harry Potter, or even if I DID see anything else?!

  3. those trousers are amazing, if I wasn't trouser phobic I'd be tempted!

  4. I love your jeans, how fabulous.
    I kept a diary in my teenage years and having read them back, am pretty glad I stopped. Quite likely my entries would be just as full of whinging and childish woes this year.
    Good luck with your diary keeping x

  5. I use to keep a diary as a teen and I refound it the other month which was really interesting to reread everything and reflect. But with a blog I see this is more of my diary now I don't think I could find the drive to do both.

  6. Those jeans are awesome! Arcadia's customer service responses all in are crap. Genuinely, if it can't be covered by a template response, they skim read and only reply to bits of the question(can you tell I've emailed them recently? Haha!). But, I can be a sucker for Topshop stuff to and, as I have no principles when it comes to shopping, I inevitably end up going back to them! *sigh* xx


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