Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year bumper outfit pics!

Happy New Year y'all!  Hopefully everyone had an awesome time on Hogmanay - I had everyone pose for outfit pics when we got back to Mhairi and Gordon's house for the bells, just to switch things up a bit!
 Here's Mhairi, my oldest friend, with her dog Scully and a cute Debenhams tunic - she can't handle heels so they were kicked off, gotta get her home more so I can train her better!
 Some smart menswear from Davy, my next oldest friend...
 ...and Tom/ Moffat, accessorising with a drink in each hand, as you do.
 Moffat's fiance Frankie is the newest to our group - two Christmases ago he brought her to meet us and a few months later they were engaged!  Frankie is French-English and so wears cute thermal tops and tights almost year round, this time adding stripy pig socks and glitter flats, very festive!
Gordon is Mhairi's younger brother, the biggest geek in the world (he goes to Hobbit Club every week, wish I was kidding... ;)) and is wearing socks I got him last Christmas apparently.  Great taste then.
And here I am!  Wearing a Per Una dress that no-one ever believes is Per Una, since it may be the only nice garment that range has ever produced - I actually shop classic collection in M&S but never Per Una, was some kind of fluke when I found this dress in last year's Xmas sale!
Mother did my hair - I found a pic of some complicated french plait and she set to work!  I loved it, totally spent the whole night telling anyone who would listen that I thought I was Lady Cybill from Downton Abbey...

Then the drink increased and the silliness started...

 That moment when you get rather drunk and just start taking pics of your shoes... (New Look, since you asked!)

Apparently we went to the park and I went down the slide...yeah...

So what did everyone else get up to?  I totally paid for all this fun the next day, never been so drunk or hungover in my life, I'm done now, no more whiskey! (or beer, champagne or Southern Comfort...)



  1. Looks like you had a great New Years Eve. I always find staying in with friends is always more fun then paying crazy amounts to be in a club with strangers.

    I am intrigued by Hobbit Club. What is it? Or is it like Fight Club, where the first rule of Hobbit Club, is that you can't talk about Hobbit Club?

  2. awww the parks such a great place to spend the new year and I love that you don't remember haha must have been a good night!
    Your dress is gorgeous too xxx

  3. I hope 2012 is an amazing year x

  4. That last photo is a caption competition if ever I saw one!!!

  5. i wish i could see your nylon toes xxxxxx


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