Monday, 23 January 2012

One dress, three ways...

You know those 'magic' items in your wardrobe?  The ones that go with everything and work for every situation?  The ones that are likely few and far between amongst the array of pattern skirts and every style of jeans and frilly blouses?  This Topshop dress is one of my true wardrobe essentials.  I got it about 3 years ago and paid the full £45 price tag for it - unusual for me but it totally paid off.  It's the perfect fit, length and style, and it seems to work for every occassion - date night, shopping, lazing about watching tv...  But in case you don't wanna take my word for it, here's some fun styling pics ;)
 Casual - worn with my Ben and Jerrys hoodie and fave Converse, this is good for dragging myself to the supermarket without looking like a total scruff.
 Night out - worn with New Look shoes and coloured tights.  The great thing about the floral pattern is there's a fair few colours in there, so it works with a vast array of tights, or black ones with coloured shoes - or both in my case ;)
Smart Casual - this outfit I actually wore on Friday, when I paired the dress with the cardi Mother made me, New Look boots and H&M socks.  I got a bit soaked again coming home from the library but luckily it's only at the end of my road!  It worked well for shopping - warm enough to wander round shops but also good quick drying fabric for dealing with the weather!

Does anyone else have something in their wardrobe they keep going back to and restyling?



  1. That is a really pretty dress and I love how you've changed it up with all the different occasions.

  2. your dress looks so versatile. Great investment :)
    I love the night out outfit with the coloured tights and shoes x

  3. Hoody and all star converse is my fav!!!!
    I'm following you, return love back?

  4. You certainly get your money's worth with that dress! It's lovely, such a great buy! Xo

  5. love it!

  6. I have a few items that I seem to live in,
    love how you've styled this each time!


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