Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Someone went shopping...

...outlet shopping to be more specific, the best kind (after charity shopping of course!).  First things first, here's what I wore, a simple outfit suitable for trying on clothes - jersey dress, fleece shirt and slip on shoes, all designed with the view of making shopping easier and less time consuming, cause if I last an hour in a mall without getting moody, it's been a good day.
Fleece shirt - Penguin via TK Maxx
H&M dress - charity shop
Shoes - Minnetonka
Necklaces - handmade/Accessorize

my fave shoes right now, even if they are kinda too big and I keep walking out them...

My bad mood also stayed at bay when I realised the mall was rather empty and I managed to find some things I actually liked - me shopping for new clothes is a dangerous business, only Mother ever comes with me since I fuss and faff in fitting room and dither about looking at every item on the sale rails....fun!

Ok these goodies were actually from Matalan and not the outlet - it's the first time I've been in that store in over a year, was pleasantly surprised with what I found!  I call the shorts my 'Laura Ashley Moment' ;)

These lovely M&S Autograph dresses were from the outlet - less than £30 for both, loving it!  Not so much loving the weird midi length tho, so the blue one is becoming a mini and the beige/black will go knee length...  And yes I'm aware they look identical and rather boring on the hanger - they were cute on tho!

I also got one of those magic strapless Wonderbras for a mere £15, but it didn't seem picture worthy... ;)

To balance out the new purchases, this afternoon I cleared out my wardrobe a bit - stand by for some potential eBay bargains!  Did anyone else get any super purchases in the January sales?



  1. I've been totally underwhelmed by the sales BUT, yeah, the last time I was in Matalan I was surprised by what I found - I got the best flouncy top covered in flamingoes.

  2. What fabulous purchases, and I adore your shoes.


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