Friday, 20 January 2012

Spots, checks and random reading material...

Shirt - Penguin (TK Maxx)
Dress - charity shop
Shoes - Topshop

 My fave wedges were back yesterday!  Although admittedly I was only wearing them briefly - the rain stopped right before I was heading to Tesco, so I swapped to boots and decided to walk.  There was my first error - I got to the end of the road and the rain started.  Which I decided to just go with, considering I was wearing a raincoat and it was only spitting a bit.  Heh.  By the time I got there, I was soaked to the skin...  Thanks, too-short-not-really-waterproof Long Tall Sally raincoat!  So my second error was thinking I'm tougher than a 20 minute walk in Scottish weather - when will I learn...?
Today was better though - partly because it included going to the library, my fave place in the world (and successful charity shopping, stay tuned for pics!).  My usual routine involves wandering thru non fiction, reading for a bit then maybe picking up a fiction book on the way to check out.  The theory here is that I can learn unlimited things through wandering the history/self help/movie sections, but I'll read almost anything in the way of fiction, so it doesn't require as much time.  Plus I'm in the zone to read trashy novels at the mo, which I won't pay for, although I do love a bit of Marian Keyes - my guilty pleasure!

This selection also includes a history of the WI, the diary of a teenager living in New York in the 30s, the story of Pocahontas and John Smith, Peter Kay's new book (more light reading!) and a book that is apparently going to teach me how to be even more awesome - that's my weekend at work sorted!

Has anyone read any of these?  Or have any recommendations for me to look for next time?



  1. We have big plans to visit Jamestown one day, its right by Williamsburg which is a huge open air early American museum but we were going to stay in Jamestown itself. It was where we were originally going to have our honeymoon if I'd of got my visa papers earlier so I'm always interested in books around that times and region. I think i'll have to drop lots of hints about going there this year!

  2. What a coincidence. I am currently reading the WI one..x

  3. Love, love, love that outfit! I don't often see people mixing patterns so well :-)

  4. I love the wedges, shame the weathers still abit poo xxx

  5. i love your blog. your vibe is great. would love it if you checked out mine and follow me back if you like!
    It features my recently launched scarf line 'charlotte & lisa' with hoods, fur etc, i think its really suiting to your style!

  6. wow your outfit. the spotty dress is so cute!
    i havent read any of those books but am keen to hear how they were.

  7. Ooh, The Red Leather Diary has ALREADY been added to my wishlist, but I'm curious to hear how the others turn out, too.

    We haven't had rain here in weeks but it's so windy today one of the internal walls in my flat is rattling - eek!

  8. you are sexy xxxx


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