Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stars, stripes and resolutions...

Here's today's outfit!  Instead of just red, white and blue, you'll see I've added black for a change, and somehow dressed like a kind of abstract American flag...gotta give my wardrobe a better look before I get dressed in future, I was actually messing about remixing clothes earlier but had to drive to Mother's before it got dark.  The road down was insanely flooded - for someone who hates driving it was 40 minutes of hell! (made worse by my iPod adapter breaking and having to listen to a v crackly radio all the way down...)
Stripe cardi - H&M mens
Wine cardi - M&S Blue Harbour
Dress - eBay (no label?)
Boots - M&S

 This dress was a recent eBay bargain - it kinda looks not much like the pic, the sequins were an, um, nice surprise... ;)
 Headband - Asda kids section

So I don't usually take much notice of new years resolutions, but I thought I'd have a go at creating some goals this year, since I can feel my life...drifting a bit, if you will.  Here goes...

Save enough £££ to go to America next year - I'd either like to go for a couple of months to travel or for longer to work - however, going by the Visa requirements I've come across, the former may be my more realistic option

Complete the 10K race in a better time - I'd like to get my time under 50 minutes, last year I did it in under 56, which is fair, but I definitely felt unprepared and out of sorts that day, so I'm hoping with more intensive training I can do it.  I realise a better goal would be to run a half marathon, but I get bored running for too long and I'd rather keep it 'fun'.

Run outside once a week - obviously this ties to the previous goal - I almost always run on the treadmill at the gym cause of the weather here, wind plus asthma makes a horrid combination!  Something I'd like to overcome...

Cycle when I can - again, weather dependant, but like I said above, I hate driving and paying for petrol bothers me!  Mother got me a fabby pannier bag for Christmas so I can even go shopping with my bike now, no excuses!  (altho I'm certain I'll find some... ;))

Learn to Cable and Fair Isle knit - I've been knitting for 20 years and almost never do anything complicated -  in the past year, I've found myself more into knitting than sewing, so I thought it was time to evolve things a bit!

Go to church more - I work every second weekend, but when I'm off Sundays generally mean lying in bed til noon then dragging myself to Tesco for junk food, no more!  I think more church can only be a good thing anyway (for me that is, obviously everyone has their own views on this).

Buy even more of my clothing/non grocery items second hand - last year I got pretty good at charity and eBay shopping but this year I hope to get even better!  I've been watching and reading a lot about the environment and consumerism lately, and figure the smaller my carbon footprint, the better!

Well there's the list!  So now show me yours!  What's everyone else's goals for the year?  Anyone share any of mine?



  1. Am loving that dress :)

    I haven't purchased as many thrifted clothes lately so need to get back into that too!!

    CC xXx

  2. Dear Foof,

    The American flag outfit is merely your subconscious prepping you for the new season of 30 Rock thats about to drop. I'm looking forward to watching it 24hrs after broadcast via utorrent, cough, I mean, by purchasing the DVD when it arrives in the UK. BTW the 12 days of Christmas app on iTunes gave away free the pilot episode yesterday, (written solely by Tina F) and my oh my I laughed, as I hadn't seen it in ages (seasons 1-3 were the best imho)

    I havent made any NY resolutions but I can give a bit of advice about the running - your goals should be a piece of cake, I've got flat feet and couldn't run a mile a few years back but now that I cycle to work (yes I was out in the gales on Tuesday) and do a lot of core work in the gym, I can breeze an 8 miler in 50 odd mins, so keep up with the cycling (everyday!).

    All the best,

    What the what.

  3. That's a fab outfit.
    I don't bother with New Year's resolutions but good luck with yours. x

  4. I'm going to try and go for a 10k this year. No time limits have been set because I was so plagued by injury last year doing 5k that I'll be thankful if I can even do it at all, let alone do it in a good time!

    Good luck!

  5. LOVE the dress.

    I've been to America twice, but only ever to LA to see my dad (with one day in Vegas); free of family commitments, I'd definitely rather travel than be stuck in one place working!

    Good luck with all your goals!

  6. all the best for ur goals dear. i love your stripes cardigan and boots, they are awesome. you look adorable. happy new year, love your blog!

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

  7. Those boots look cosy!

    And eBay is a great source for Tall stuff - I find the secondhand market on there is awesome.

  8. really like this outfit :)
    post on it's way. one of my resolutions is to learn (again) to knit. i think i need to teach myself a little before i try and brave a group though..

  9. plz keep wearing the tights babe xxxx

  10. Love this outfit! Best of luck with your goals x

  11. yes I'm going for running and thrifting more too :)
    Your outfit is really fun, I love the dress especially and those boots are fab x

  12. Love all the patterns and prints in your outfit! xoxoxo


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