Friday, 27 January 2012

Stripes and neons...

M&S cardi - charity shop
Dress - M&S Outlet
Socks - Target
Boots - M&S

Necklace - from childhood!

Somehow I dressed almost entirely in M&S the other day, which I'm just now noticing, huh...  Hardly surprising tho, I reckon half my wardrobe started out there, some 30 years ago!  

Last night was Cubs again, never thought I'd find a bunch of shouty kids so entertaining, I'm rather enjoying myself though!  Totally worth getting dressed for, although me in pjs all day is definitely a good day, suppose it wouldn't make for very exciting outfit post tho - want me to try it? ;)



  1. Oh my goodness, you still have your dummy necklace! Brilliant!

    Can't believe I got rid of mine now.

  2. Yes, I love "What I REALLY Wore" posts with people in their pyjamas and hoodies!

    Are you volunteering with the Cubs? Should I have known about that? *looks sternly at Google Reader which keeps marking posts as read when they're not*

  3. Love this look. I really want to try the socks with tights look though I will have to wait for it to not be so hot!

  4. Love your boots! And the necklace is awesome, haha! Xo

  5. I love the fact you’ve had this necklace from childhood, in fact I can vaguely remember those plastic dummies being a part of my childhood! Love the stripes also xxx

  6. Your legs are the best in blogland!
    Those boots are just fabulous. x


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