Thursday, 9 February 2012

New shoes and movie reviews...

Cardi - Topshop Tall
Dress - charity shop
Tights - eBay
Shoes - Hush Puppies via TK Maxx

necklace - Claires (5 for £5 sale!)

I wore this the other day to do some shopping - funny thing, when shoes are the comfiest things ever in the store it doesn't always mean they'll actually be comfy...  These were rubbing my heels before I got round the corner, and my ankles clearly didn't like walking on stable heels for a change, it was all a bit stumbly and achey - hoping I've broken them in now tho!  The random pic with my scarf is from when it was too cold to be without it (better pic here), my place is freezing right now!

So as you may have noticed on Twitter, I previewed The Muppets this morning - and 6 hours later I'm still on a high, it was an amazing musical feel good movie with the best list of cameos I've ever seen (look out for Emily Blunt at her 'Devil wears Prada' best and Jim Parsons as a human muppet) - lots of squealing was going on!  Plus singing along to Rainbow Connection and welling up at all the happiness, my lead for Movie of the Year so far! (and yes I was watching it myself you'll be pleased to know, so no-one else heard the awfulness that is me trying to sing ;))

Tomorrow is 15 hours at work, not helped by volunteering to preview The Woman in Black - stand by for more reviews!



  1. How I loved The Muppets movie, we saw it in December when it came out here, haven't laughed so hard in ages. The Jim Parson's cameo cracks me up every time!

  2. I print checked The Vow last night, quite enjoyable! Looking forward to The Muppets especially after your review. Not looking forward to working over the half term though :'(

  3. back in tights xxxxxx

  4. I'm seeing The Muppets next Wednesday - so excited!

  5. I'm loving that outfit combo, especially those shoes.

  6. LOVE this outfit, that dress is gorgeous x

  7. Pretty dress! And I have that cardi in black and cream stripes.

    Bad news: went in New Look on Saturday and was told they are phasing out Talls. Tweeted them and they confirmed it was true. :(
    Topshop it is for high street shopping in an actual shop then.

    Do you have a LTS near you? They shut their store in Leeds so my nearest are York or Manchester now - not very near!

  8. Nobody will come with me to watch The Muppets!!! I love those tights so bright.

  9. Those boots look fantastic and that dress is so pretty. x


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