Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Faff Guide to Movies of 2011 - Worst

After sharing my top picks of 2011 movies, of course I had to share a round up of the absolute worst.  And there were rather a lot...  In my defence, most of the ones I saw at the cinema were ones I had to print check at work, not stuff I would have seen voluntarily, which actually reassured me that my taste in movies is indeed awesome ;)

Worst Movies of the Year - Cinema
 My lord, there were some mega stinkers in here - Yogi Bear was by far leading the Worst race until Red Riding Hood came along.  Despite that it looked like a Twilight knock off (same director I think), it had Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman, which usually equates to an at least watchable movie in my opinion.  This was in fact Medieval Twilight - the dad was even played by the same guy!  Huge Miss.

Other crap I watched at work - Attack the Block (the aliens were the worst ever - sometimes films need CGI), Three Musketeers 3D (soooo totally beyond cheesy - the only good part was the end battle which I bloody missed cause I fell asleep!) and Chalet Girl (I'll let you work out whether she gets the guy at the end...).

Unfortunately I actually went to see Hereafter (nothing HAPPENS!!!), Apollo 18 (not even close to scary enough) and Cowboys and Aliens (looooooooong and can't even remember if Dan took his top off, I slept thru part of this too).  Also on the stinkers list was One Day (which I reviewed here) and Transformers 3 (I was possibly the only person to like the second one, but the hour long battle here tipped me over the edge).

Worst Movies of the Year - DVD
 Now in my defence, half of these were not picked by me (having an equally movie obsessed boyfriend for half the year is only good if he has taste... ;))  I mean, Leap Year?! (he said it was cause his parents are Irish and he wanted to see the scenery - that was the ONLY good thing)  Knight and Day?! (I think we can all guess what happens there)  Date Movie?! (ok we both picked that, there was nothing else on tv.  It's every bit as bad as it looks)  Equally as predictable was When Harry met Sally - I'd heard it was a classic comedy and somehow thought it may go against the usual soppy ending.  It did not.  High hopes dashed.

Happy Go Lucky was picked cause I was having a Sally Hawkins moment - and it was utterly boring, with one of the most annoying lead characters ever.  The Big Lebowski, cause I was trying to like the Coen brothers, which is not happening, I just don't GET them...  Season of the Witch, cause of the legendary Nicholas Cage, but not even he could save this drab effort.  And Highlander, which I always felt like I should see for some reason...it was awful, but watching Sean Connery attempting an accent always makes my day - that guy can't be anything but Scottish!

Worst Directors of the Year
I feel like Woody Allen and the Coen brothers names are always getting thrown about in relation to their 'smart comedy' type movies.  Now, clearly I'm not that smart, cause I don't get it.  I watched movie after movie of theirs last year in an attempt to see what all the fuss is about - and I disliked every one.  Annie Hall, You will meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Fargo, Raising Arizona, True Grit - add to that the ones I had already seen and... I'm done now!

(Although the first film my best friend and I watched together at work was Vicky Christina Barcelona and we ended up bonding over how utterly sh*t it was - this led to us inventing The Sighing Game, where we each took turns to see who can sigh the loudest and longest.  Which developed into the Poking Game, where we really just ended up poking fingers in each others ribs and shoving each other...)

So now it's over to you!  What's the worst movie you've seen?  Agree with my reviews or not? 



  1. I quite liked Chalet Girl! My worst film of last year was Grown Ups, the Adam Sandler one. I had to print check it it and HATED it so much!

  2. I enjoyed Chalet Girl! It was totally predictable but I thought it was good fun.

    And I LOVE When Harry Met Sally. LOVE IT.

    But I don't understand why people still put Nicolas Cage in films. Or why anyone thought Red Riding Hood would be worth a watch.

  3. I agree that Red Riding Hood was pretty terrible, but at least it was nice to look at. I thought some of the scenes were just gorgeous. And I like that in a movie. Not that I liked this movie.

    Oh, not, not a Coen brothers fan? I like (not love) the Big Lebowski, but I did love No Country for Old Men even if the ending is BS. And I loved their remake of True Grit. The girl was just lovely in it, which maybe I like her acting and not their directing? I don't know.

    As for Woody Allen, it's hit and miss with me. Love Hanna and Her Sisters and loved Midnight in Paris because I thought the message was good.

    I love Daniel Craig, but Cowboys and Aliens was beyond terrible. I couldn't finish it. I also couldn't finish How Do You Know with Reese Witherspoon. It was absolutely terrible - don't watch it.

  4. I really wanted to see Red Riding Hood last year because it has Gary Oldman in it (hell yeah!) and it looked hilariously awful but nobody would go with me!

    I'm surprised the third Pirates Caribbean didn't make it on your list. God it was awful! And that's coming from a big Pirates fan.

    After your recommendation on your last film post I bought Thor to watch. Looking forward to it!

  5. Oh my days, I watched Red Riding Hood and it literally made me cry with laughter (I don't think that was the point though!) xxx

  6. Ah now. I quite liked Happy Go Lucky - the driving instructor is hilarious, tho SH is a bit annoying I'll give you that. Haven't even heard of half of the others though so I guess that's good that they're not even on my radar? xx

  7. I only disagree with one I like When Harry met Sally. The rest I actually haven't watched because they don't interest me enough to check them out!

  8. I've awarded you the versatile blogger award (check my blog for details) :) x

  9. When Harry Met Sally is appalling, mind you I loathe romantic comedy.
    I can't believe you don't like the Coen Brothers or Woody Allen, their stuff is incredible. The Big L is just the best ever! x


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