Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Family Flashbacks - Hand Knits

Since we're in that horrid post Christmas phase of battling the rotten weather (or in my case, staying in more than usual), I thought this weeks flashbacks could have a bit of a theme.  And what better way to keep out the cold than wearing that awesome knitted jumper/cardigan made by your crafting obsessed relative (Mother or Gran in my family...and now me!)
Kinda love this outfit...

Mother looking rather smart

My auntie - her mother is an equally obsessive knitter!

Yes I'm in a box...who knows why...

Am I the only one seeing some kind of gnome...?

My cousin in Mr T fashion!  And my other cousin in a rather cute blouse...

Bodywarmers! (I HATE these with a passion)

Brother having just broken his arm...

How cute is my wee brother in his Aran cardi and stripes?!
Long live knitting!



  1. Ah the amount of knits I was inflicted to somewhat ruined my relationship with the jumper. I was use to unfitting, thick and itchy wool that just made me look awful. I even remember being made Wallace and Gromitt jumpers. Ah the memories!

  2. Words cannot describe the genius of that Mr T jumper!

  3. I have the pattern for the jumper your auntie is wearing! I had a lovely jumper with a rather large cat on it, very snug! X

  4. wow, such a lot of fun knits. I had lots of hand knits as a kid, never really appreciated them.

  5. I would totally wear that yellow cardigan.

    My gran used to knit me these enormous pink cardigans out of the ITCHIEST wool. Urgh.

  6. Oh that Mr T jumper is AMAZING! My grandma was the knitter in our family and I had some similarly fantastic cardis and jumpers when I was little. Ah, if only she was still around.

    I've tagged you in my latest post if you fancy having a go :)


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