Monday, 6 February 2012

Star bright...

Blouse - Matalan
Jeans - Topshop Tall
Boots - New Look

Well I seem to have taken a bit of a hiatus, apologies!  My entire life seems to be revolved around work or worrying about it these days, which takes up far too much energy for my liking...  This outfit was worn the other day when Mother decided to come up for some shopping, which benefited me as usual, altho I did some extra shopping after she left, and got some great bargains.  H&M sale was the best, most of their stuff is heavily marked down now but there's still plenty of crammed racks in my local one - I got a suede shirt for £5 and the Best Hoodie in the World for £10 (fleece lined and so cosy!).  Plus my fave bargain - remember when I bought this skirt but thought it was a bit expensive for something slightly impractical?  Well I returned it, and lo and behold there it was on the sale rack - for a much more reasonable £5!!!  Mine now ;)

Today has been spent in pjs, trying to catch up on blogs - was slightly distracted when my flatmate came home earlier, thrust a pizza menu in my direction and told me he was buying dinner, wasn't gonna say no to that!  My stuffed crust cravings have now been temporarily silenced again, and my weekend of eating crackers and cheese cause it was too cold to be in our staffroom is forgotten...



  1. love those starry jeans on you and that bold orange blouse really suits you.

  2. Love this outfit, the colour really works on you. X

  3. Your jeans are amazing and the orange looks fabulous on you! Brill outfit :o) Scarlett x

  4. Brilliant news about the skirt! I'm loving those star jeans and that orange top. x

  5. It makes me happy to look at those jeans on you - they are amazing. Over and out!


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