Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Stripes and spots...

Jumper - TK Maxx
Dress - charity shop
Shoes - Topshop

I finally braved the weather yesterday and set off down the street to be all productive for a change.  Got a pic taken for my new passport (as predicted it's hideous so no, I'm not sharing), did some bank stuff and was generally quite well behaved in the shops - until I drove out to Asda and accidentally bought junk food...oops...  Food seems to me like a valid thing to spend money on though, plus I got thoroughly overexcited when I realised they were now stocking Ruffles, awesome American crisps - hopefully the Walmart influence will get stronger!  (actually my brother told me they occasionally stock Cheetos in the foreign foods aisle - cue much squealing from moi and a resolve to shop in Asda more often)

Today is about sorting eBay stuff before heading to work, my fave things, although I've just noticed I hit 100 followers so thanks to all the lovely people that read my ramblings, you guys are awesome!

Oh and the winner of my Woman in Black giveaway is...
Chloe Likes to Talk!
(I used one of those Randomiser things but couldn't get it to copy to the post...if anyone know what I'm doing wrong please help!)



  1. Ah some of my photographs for my visa etc are hideous! Its a wonder they let me into the country, I look like a zombie!

  2. I love the outfit, the skirt is so cute!

  3. You need junk food during this weather (says I). Love the skirt and bottle green tights xx

  4. Cheerful outfit for a grim day! x

  5. really cute outfit, like the stripe on spot action

  6. I love the stripy jumper and polka dot dress xxx

  7. I haven't used Randomiser so I don't know if there's a *normal* way, but you could always hit the PrintScreen button then crop the image down in Paint/Photoshop/whatever...?

  8. You had me at stripes. But, of course, you added dots and I'm in heaven.

    And I need those tights. Fabulous color!


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