Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tagging games...

I've been tagged by Alex in this fun post, which I figured would be more interesting than showing more pics of me in my pjs....

So the rules are:

1) You must post 11 random things about yourself;
2) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post;
3) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer;
4) Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them;
5) No stuff about 'you're tagged if you're reading this' - legitimately tag people.

Here's my 11 things first...
1 - I just can't make myself like fruit.  I've tried and failed, my mind is programmed more towards Fruitella...
2 - I always feel better wearing an outfit with heels.
3 - I fancy myself as a cool photographer - in reality I struggle with more than one camera setting.
4 - Sometimes I take notions to do jigsaws.
5 - I hate most tv, so my tv generally flicks between Viva and E4.  
6 - The highlight of my week is Cubs on a Thursday night - who would have thought one day I'd actually LIKE kids? ;)
7 - I've been watching the ER boxset since last summer.  I'm up to season 7.  Last week Mother was watching Holby City, which made me snort 'that's hardly realistic'...
8 - I can be minimalist about almost everything in life except the contents of my wardrobe - I need plenty clothing choices.
9 - No matter what I (or my hairdresser) do, my hair won't take hair dye for more than a few weeks.  Clearly I'm destined to be brunette forever.
10 - I HATE wind.  I'd rather spent the day inside than bother facing adverse weather.
11 - I long to live in a rural cottage somewhere, but I reckon I'd miss the gym and 24 hour Tesco too much.

And now Alex's questions for me...

1) Are you a morning or a night person?
Night night night!  I've never been good at getting up early - in fact if I start work earlier than usual (by this I mean 9ish) I'm falling asleep by noon!

2) Have you ever stolen anything? (be honest, I won't set the law on you)
My first job was in an ice cream shop.  That also sold fudge.  I'll let you work that out...

3) What is your favourite word?
FAFF!  Also 'awesome', 'totally' and 'cool' leave my mouth way too often.

4) What can't you live without?
Mother, my best friend and music. For sure.

5) Who/what do you have an irrational dislike of?
People rubbing their hands together.  Anyone coming ANYWHERE NEAR my neck or underarms.  I WILL get violent if you try.  Surprises.  Strictly Come Dancing (actually that one might be valid)

6) Where is your favourite place to eat out?
Man I LOVE to eat out, take me almost anywhere and I'll be happy.  Except for Indian food.  Don't care for food with tons of sauce...

7) Who is the cleverest person you know?
My mum.  Seriously, she's freaking knowledgeable considering she watches the worst of the tv schedule (soaps, reality dancing shows, that giving birth program, every single crime drama out there... can just about tolerate the latter but everything else gets blocked out by itunes!)

8) What was the last film that you saw at the cinema? Was it any good?
My friends and I did a double bill of 'The Vow' and 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' last week - the latter was good but missing huge chunks of the books, the former made me want to throw up from cheese overdose...

9) What is your guilty tv pleasure?
Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.  It's just too fascinating NOT to watch.  But usually I give reality shows a wide berth, American comedies and dramas are the way to go as far as I'm concerned.

10) Where did you last go on holiday?
New York!!!  Almost a year ago!  Best place ever, I was in absolute (freezing) heaven.

11) What makes you go "GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH"?
Anything to do with nails.  As in finger or toe nails.  As in my mums toe nail that is about to fall off that she keeps trying to make me look at.  Not gonna happen!  Or someone breaking a nail, long toenails, guys with long nails... Also that giving birth program, stuff like that should NOT be on tv, bleurgh!

Now my questions...
1 - What is the best job you've ever had?
2 - Your favourite item of clothing?
3 - If you could be anywhere, where would you be? (in life or location)
4 - Something you've always wanted but never got?
5 - The first movie you saw at the cinema?
6 - Your top played song on iTunes?
7 - The most practical/useful thing you own?
8 - Would you rather be taller or shorter (if you HAD to chose!)?
9 - Your longest standing hobby?
10 - If you had an hour to kill what would you do?
11 - The best thing that's happened to you so far this year?

Ok I'm tagging the following fabby bloggers!

Jade from Jetley Mess and Emma from Emsipop also tagged me for the Versatile Blogger award - thanks!  It kinda has a similar theme as this one tho so I'm just combining them... ;)



  1. I love these posts, thanks for tagging me, I have another award too so I'll try get both done this weekend.
    I hate feet and my mum had really manky toe nails which she loved to try and show me/stick in my face all the time, luckily they've got better now, although she's always asking me to give her foot massages now eugh! xxx

  2. Hahaha! I'm not queasy about nails really (although I almost fainted when my own toenail fell off last year) but I hate long toenails too! How do their shoes fit? And those French manicure type things on toes - wrong! I also hate it when people try to make you inspect their dodgy bodily things "See what you think of this weird lump..." - blegh!!

  3. Argh! If I don't remember to do this over the weekend it's because I just drank A LOT of wine and I should be in my bed! I did star it in Google Reader, though, so the odds are good...

    I share your most used words. Also, when I worked in a video shop, we were allowed to "dispose of" any damaged, out of date or un-dated food. We got through a surprising amount of "dented" Haagen Daaz... and discovered that you could rub the best before date off some of the bags of sweets with a copper coin...

  4. ooh I've done slightly different thing to this, so I'll have to answer your questions x

  5. Thanks for the tag, I love this kind of thing and I'm loving some of your questions :-)


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