Sunday, 11 March 2012

Casual Sunday...

Cardi - car boot sale
Blouse - inherited from gran
Shorts - Matalan
Shoes - Minnetonka

NYC necklace - Claires
Globe necklace - Accessorize

Ok I'm back!  Apologies for the hiatus, last week just sucked a bit and this week has been stuffed kinda full, so I'll be catching up on outfit posting and such, yay!  Turns out my mobile net has given up working after 5pm so trying to get anything done online has been a major faff - I've now relocated to Mothers...  Altho my brother has installed Sky Broadband on the promise it would be amazing - last night he admitted it was rather shit, you've all been warned! ;)

Today has been mostly about losing hours on Facebook (trying to get all my pics back from there after the hard drive incident) and not much else...  Seriously, I barely go on there these days but still find it possible to waste hours doing nothing - I did email my gang tho and told them we're having more adventures this year, feeling bored and isolated and wintery right now!  Ya'll know what I mean right?


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  1. Yay! Welcome back :-) The sun is out down in the South of England so I'm sure it will be with you soon. Hang in there, spring is on the way :-)

  2. Nice to have you back! Spring's here today, hopefully it won't be too long before it reaches you. x

  3. Yeah, its good to have you back, Elise :-)

    Loving those shorts of yours, I'm having a shorts phase myself, but this'll stop once its summer as there's no way I'm going to wear them without opaque tights!!

  4. It's been nice enough here to do the gardening for two whole days in a row!!! Must be nearly spring. Lol. X

  5. Yay!

    And yes, I know what you mean - nothing happens in January and February; I'm stupidly excited about my calendar starting to fill up again.

    Oh, and while I'm here: my Friend Connect was mistakenly removed and I think you were one of the people on it, so just in case: HELLOOOOOOO! I'M STILL HERE!!!

  6. love your blouse, it really looks great.

  7. oh I love those shorts!! I adore your blog! I am now following!

  8. As much as i hate facebook I can spend and waste hours playing pointless games on that site!

  9. oh i have complete minnetonka envy, they look so lovely and comfy! Hoper the spring weather has reached you and perked things up!:D

  10. Love those necklaces!


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