Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hitting the town...

Autograph dress - M&S Outlet
Shoes - New Look

Necklaces - charity shop

Love the leather detailing!

Had a wee night out last week to cheer up my friend, who has just split up with his fiancee - I'm totally gutted about it so not really sure what to say to him...  I'm utterly useless in these types of situations, if you want someone to take random road trips and eat chips with I'm your girl, but present me with a serious conversation or crying person, then I lose all ability to be normal.  Think my giggly personality gets in the way a bit too often...

Anyway, we headed out for dinner and drinks with our other friend, which was fine until they started talking all things Star Trek and rating passing ladies asses.  Sigh, this is what I get for not having more girlfriends - anyone wanna move here and be my new best gal pal?



  1. No, but if YOU move to Aberdeen I'm up for chips and road trips!

    For what it's worth, apparently the most useful thing you can say to somebody who's upset is nothing - just sit and let them talk at you! Or be giggly and fun and let them escape things for a while - and I reckon you've got that covered.

  2. Lovely outfit, it's amazing what you can pick up from M&S! I like the sound of chip road trips, shame I live at the other end of this island!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous dress and love the colour of the shoes xx

  4. that dress is fab, the varying sizes of stripes are very flattering.
    Move down south and be my friend, the weather is better here :)

  5. I'd love to. I don't have any friends.Maybe we can be longdistance gal pals?;) x

  6. I love the leather bits on your dress. x

  7. I love those shoes and that necklace! I'm horrible in those situations too.

  8. That's boys for you! Lovely burgundy shoes - you can't beat New Look for shoes, I brought a cute pair of black ballet flats from there yesterday. xxx


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