Friday, 16 March 2012

Keeping things simple...

Jumper - Clements Ribiero via TK Maxx
Blouse - M&S classic
Jeans - Topshop Tall

The reason I can't wear this top on its own?  Inevitable pasta stains... :/ which I mean getting dressed was the most I did this day, so adding shoes and make up and brushing my hair seemed like a bit much.

Not much been going on here this week, it's been all work work work, plus a trip to the library to chill me out after somehow getting drunk on 4 beers at the pub quiz.  Maybe I shouldn't have done a gym session then ate a rubbishy dinner before drinking...oops...

Oh for those asking, the dog in my pics from the other day belongs to my flatmates mum, he just stays over here sometimes - in fact he's over right now, I caught him standing behind me earlier when I was hoovering, turned round and nearly had a heart attack!  That jangly collar is nae use when I'm hoovering and possibly singing to myself...



  1. I love that jumper! I'm so bad at spilling my tea down my tops, so annoying!

  2. I think there's some secret law that you must spill food/drink down yourself when wearing a white top. I only seem to spill things when I'm wearing light coloured clothing!

    I like your spots and stripes combination.

  3. Cute top! =)

  4. plz get those tights back on xxxx

  5. I always send up with food down white clothing! Wish I could be more elegant and sophisticated- hiding the stains with a cute jumper is the way forward I think!


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